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SDA and SBB met to discuss administration of Mostar

SDA and SBB delegations met yesterday in Mostar to discuss future administration of the city. Following a 4-hour discussion, presidents of City councils Anel Kljako (SBB) and Salem Maric (SDA) spoke to journalists:

We agreed that Mostar is one city without ethnic divisions, we agreed to have a direct election for mayor and two deputy mayors. Mayor of Mostar cannot remain for two consecutive terms from the same people. We also agreed to have 7 election units, announced Kljako.

Salem Maric confirmed that an agreement had been reached and added that there is a high degree of agreement on these issues.

We agreed on direct election of mayor and two deputy mayors, with mandatory rotation, and on election units. This proposal was developed by SDA on the basis of Law on City of Mostar and it is for most part in tune with the proposal of the Center for Peace and Multiethnic Cooperation. If it proves to be in agreement with the Constitution, and we think it is, it will go to parliamentary procedure, says Maric.

Maric announced that talks will continue today in Sarajevo.

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