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Soldiers of BH Armed Forces Kovac and Vukovic showed support for Karadzic!

Shameful conduct of some soldiers of Armed Forces of BiH and Court Police of FBiH who openly glorified war criminal and creator of genocide ideology Radovan Karadzic, provoked massive reaction on social media.

Goran Kovac, soldier of demining battalion of the 4th infantry brigade of the Armed Forces in Capljina was the first to openly glorify Radovan Karadzic on his Facebook profile.

The day before the verdict for Radovan Karadzic, Goran Kovac posted Karadzic's photo on his profile as a token of support for the war criminal. Then he removed the photo from his profile picture yet kept it on his FB wall.

Another soldier of the Armed Forces of BiH Vlado Vukovic has gone even further: he openly threatened all who are not like-minded i.e. those who were saying that soldier of BH Armed Forces should not be supporting Karadzic's ideology.

Vukovic swore at Bosniaks calling them 'Turks'.

Dalibor Nedic, an official of Court Police of FBiH, employed as security at Palace of Justice FBiH in Sarajevo, also showed support for 'Balkan butcher' Karadzic. For a long time he kept 'I am Radovan' photo as his profile picture.

We trust that relevant officials will react in time as to prevent further spreading of criminal ideas and national hatred in the Armed Forces.

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