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Jukic: I didn't break the law – if anybody has doubts, do investigate me!

Velimir Jukic

Director of Agency for Statistics Velimir Jukic made a decision about a unique program for data processing of census in BiH, which provoked strong reactions in Republika Srpska. SNSD club requested a parliament discussion. There were serious accusations that the law was violated.

According to the decision about methodology of data processing, 196.000 of disputable units will be treated as resident citizens, which greatly aggravated the representatives of RS. Jukic's deputy Miljan Popic disagreed with the decision too. Jukic, however, is certain about his decision.

- I didn't break the law. The decision about adoption of unique methodology of data processing for Census 2013 is entirely based upon the law, he said.

- One of the standards that we have to stick to is to remain independent. That is our obligation and we have to abide by the Law on Statistics. I have worked in accordance with the law and that is the only truth. That is my response to accusations and innuendos that somebody has done this or that. What the program contains has entirely to do with the implementation of the team, and I believe that one has to respect their knowledge and good intentions towards everyone in BiH, said Jukic.

During the meeting of Parliamentary Assembly of BiH one could hear suggestions that Prosecutor's office should investigate the leak of the information. Jukic made a comment that 'as far as I'm aware, nobody from the statistics institutions has ever abused any census related data'.

- That's what some people say when they speculate. If anyone had gotten an access to data by breaking the law, that should be investigated and I support that, Jukic added.

Otherwise, a 5th urgent session of Home of Representatives of Parliamentary Assembly has started today. One of its first conclusions is that Council of Ministers is to submit information about census from 2013 within 10 days.

Council of Ministers BiH is requested to submit this information in relation to the agenda item of the 5th urgent session of Parliamentary Assembly, which reads as follows: Information of the Council of Ministers BiH about Decision on adoption of unique program for data processing of citizens, homes and apartments in BiH 2013, brought by Director of Agency for Statistics Velimir Jukic.


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