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Covic removed the flag of so called Herzeg-Bosnia, the unconstitutional title remains

A number of officials from Europe, the region and the world gathered today in Mostar. As reported yesterday, Dragan Covic, member of BiH Presidency opened the door of his new luxury office in Mostar. Yesterday, there were three flags in front of his office – BiH, EU and the flag of so called Herceg-Bosna.

Situation is different today. There is only one flag in front of Covic's office and it is the state flag. Obviously, Covic has been warned that, in front of the office where he serves as a member of BiH Presidency he cannot put up the flag of so called Herceg-Bosna. Thus he welcomed Aleksandar Vucic with BiH state flag.

Otherwise, it remains unknown how much money was invested in building and equipping the office.

Also, there is one more mistake Covic has to correct:

There is a big sign at the entrance to his office 'Croatian member of BiH Presidency'. This is, however, an unconstitutional title. According to the Constitution of BiH, Dragan Covic is member of BiH presidency from Croat people.

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