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Grujicic officially a candidate for mayor of Srebrenica

Joint candidate of all Serb parties for mayor of Srebrenica is Mladen Grujicic. Nominated by SNSD and SDS, Grujicic was also endorsed by other parties at a recent meeting in Srebrenica.

One of Grujicic's popular statements is the one in which he denies genocide in Srebrenica.

- Evaluation of Teodor Meron, President of The Hague Tribunal, about the goal of destroying one ethnic group is correct but incomplete, because he did not say the ethnic group in question are Serb people. Muslim civilians in Srebrenica and its surrounding were not killed except for in eventual exchange of fire, which proves that Serbs and Serb army did not intend to destroy Muslim people which changed the name then into Bosniaks, said Grujicic one year ago.

Grujicic has also often expressed doubt about number of victims of Srebrenica genocide, calling it a plot of 'Federal Commission for Missing Persons and International Organizations', and that the reports that speaks about 8.372 victims are irrelevant because it is not known whether and how Bosniaks in Srebrenica got killed – due to the mines or in fighting.

On the day of announcing verdict for war criminal Radovan Karadzic, he took a photo of the TV broadcasting and posted it on his Facebook profile with a short caption 'Let's move on'. It is interesting that, during the weekend after Patria published a story about him, Karadzic's photo suddenly disappeared from his FB profile.

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