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Dismissal of Zubac has ended Bobar bank investigation: 'Chetniks’s' wife arrested

Last May we wrote about Ana Mirosavljevic, Director and President of Bobar bank that went bankrupt in December 2014. All the clients of Bobar bank were affected but there was no public mention of the director’s name whatsoever.

We have unofficial information that, yesterday SIPA arrested Ana Mirosavljevic. Her role (assigned to her by SNSD) was to conceal information about Bobar bank from the public.

Ana Mirosavljevic is the wife of controversial Jovica Mirosavljevic aka 'Chetniks', the former commander of SIPA's Special Unit, who left the agency several months ago and found himself a new place with OSCE mission in Ukraine.

As the member of RITE Ugljevik (a coalmine), Ana Mirosavljevic was tasked to cover Zika Krunic's back. Krunic is President of Independent Board of Parliamentary assembly BiH who appoints director of SIPA and former director of RITE Ugljevik.

From that position, Krunic was successfully resisting the law, refusing to suspend Goran Zubac as SIPA Director (who received one year suspended prison sentence for refusing to give green light for emergency response on 7 February 2014 when BiH Presidency building was set on fire).

At the same time, Zubac was covering Jovica Mirosavljevic's back, which closes the circle that was successfully collecting millions of KM for SNSD.

However, by dismissing Zubac from the position of SIPA director and with Chetniks's departure for Ukraine, conditions became ripe for arrest of all responsible in Bobar bank scandal.

With Perica Stanic as the new SIPA director, investigation did not take too long and yesterday we had results – arrests in Banja Luka and Bijeljina.

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