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Hot Mostar Spring: Memorial stone thrown into the river!

Yesterday about 5 a.m., a group of vandals pushed memorial stone 'Don't Forget '93' from the Old Bridge and threw it into the river Neretva.

That was not enough for them so they went around outdoor coffee shops and restaurants destroying everything they came across in their destruction spree.

Ministry of Interior of Hercegovacko-Neretvanski Canton was informed about the series of incidents and an investigation is under way. It is well known in Mostar that this is doing of 'Ultras', fans of football team Zrinjski, who are allegedly paid by HDZ BiH to raise interethnic tensions.

Yesterday afternoon, the stone was recovered from the river and installed back where it belongs.

Three days ago, the same fans of Zrinjski, as they identified themselves on a video uploaded on YouTube, drew emblem of Herceg-Bosna on Orlac hill above Mostar.

Since talks about elections and future governance of Mostar started, tension in the city on Neretva River has continued to rise.

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