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Komsic: Dismantling the Armed Forces BiH announced by Dodik could jeopardize peace in BiH

Zeljko Komsic

The member of the Presidency BiH and the supreme commander of the Armed Forces BiH (AF BiH), Mr. Milorad Dodik has jeopardized the unity of the AF BiH as well as the command system by his announcements that the Republika Srpska will consider the possibility of withdrawing from the Armed Forces BiH, which can be detrimental to the AF BiH, Zeljko Komsic, the member of the Presidency BiH told Patria on Saturday.

The Chairman of the Presidency BiH, Milorad Dodik stated on Friday that the Republika Srpska would examine the possibility of withdrawing from the agreement on the AFBiH. Dodik also said that the RS government had been earlier 'forced to give upon the Army of the Republika Srpska', and that, as he said 'the AF BiH were formed under a brutal pressure on the RS'.

Dodik claims that the Armed Forces BiH do not serve the interests of the peoples in BiH but only the needs of the NATO.

- Such statements and actions by Mr. Dodik have very negative effect on the level of development achieved at the AFBiH, which has been built for years with huge endeavor by the local and international factors, said Zeljko Komsic, underlining that as a consequence 'dismantling the AFBiH announced by Dodik would mean destabilization and jeopardizing peace in BiH'.

Komsic also said that, with his negative statements and continued obstructions, Milorad Dodik has shown many times that he meddles with the internal affairs of the neighboring countries, Serbia above all, which negatively impacts BiH's relations with its closest neighbors. That cannot be in the interest either of BiH or Serbia or the entire region for that matter, said Komsic.



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