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The Franciscan Province Bosna Srebrena publicly distanced themselves from Dragan Covic

Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Fojnica

The members of the Franciscan Province Bosna Srebrena have publicly distanced themselves from Dragan Covic, the HDZ BiH's candidate for the Presidency BiH, thus denying media close to HDZ.

- We, the undersigned guardians of the Franciscan monasteries and the members of the Franciscan province Bosna Srebrena hereby distance ourselves from the press release published on the official internet pages of the HDZ BiH on 2 October 2018 also broadcast by some other print and electronic media. The press release was also substantiated by our photographs which were supposed to be read as if we, on behalf of all Franciscans, give our support to HDZ BiH.

In the text which contained several of our photographs taken at various locations, particularly problematic is an absolutely fabricated statement which read: We, the Franciscans, have been sharing the good and the bad with our people in these lands through centuries. The togetherness that we live every day, as well as the hope in a better future today we recognize in the program of HDZ and other parties gather under the umbrella of the Croatian national sabor headed by Dr Dragan Covic.

None of the undersigned guardians did not nor could he have given his own public support to any party or an electoral candidate on behalf of our Province, without prior agreement by the management of the Province Bosna Srebrena.

The Franciscans, as well as all other citizens of this country, have an absolute right to their personal and private political preferences and friendly relations with various persons who carry out social and political functions in our country regardless of their political and other convictions. However, an official stance of Bosnian Franciscans on various issues in our country can be released only by the management of Bosna Srebrena.

The alleged public 'support by the guardians and brother Franciscans to HDZ and Dragan Covic' that appeared in media, is an obvious example of fake news which we fully distance ourselves from. In addition, we are requesting the politicians from all parties not to involve us in their manipulations and games.

Pax et Bonum! - concludes the open letter signed by Friar Andrija Jozic, Friar Darko Drljo, Friar Mario Divkovic and Friar Mario Juric.


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