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Zeljko Komsic: 5 values to be agreed upon

Zeljko Komsic

The candidate for the member of the Presidency BiH, Zeljko Komsic said that there are five non-negotiable values, which he specified in his 'roadmap' incorporated in the document 'Presidential vision of progress'. The document talks about confronting the past, the fight against segregation, the need to advocate for equal value of every citizen's vote, commitment to economic development of the country and an unconditional commitment to the NATO integration.

The first value is to cease negating the war crimes, and the ultimate distancing of the society and the state from the individuals responsible for the war crimes. The foundation of this value as far as the work of BiH presidency is concerned is introduction of a calendar of Remembrance Day for the civil victims of war in BiH to be marked by all three presidency members, explained Komsic.

The leader of Democratic Front explained that the second value should include the fight against discrimination of our children in schools.

- 'Two schools under one roof', negating of the name of one language and most importantly – different and solely national curriculum belong to the values of the past. Mechanism of the fight in this realm will include the Fund of open schools which will provide financial support for joint activities and a gradual action towards integration of these schools.  

- The third value is a campaign for equal value of vote. In the respect, we have to insist on creating mechanisms that will prevent any blockades. We will request the European Union to fully reject the concept of 'constitutionality of nation', and for it to request as a condition for integration of BiH – introduction of citizen representation principle at all levels. The EU has started moving in that direction considering its requests for explanation as regards the EU Questionnaire, said Komsic.

The fourth value that Komsic draws attention to is the fight for economic development of our country.

- It includes using the full potential of our diaspora through a new Investment Fund of BH Diaspora and the Office for diaspora. Also, we want to prepare a platform 'Your new business opportunity – Invest in BiH' together with private companies and local communities, to seek support across the world for 10 big projects in local communities. In addition, we wish to promote our country as the best destination for the transfer of production and service, explained Komsic and went on to explain the fifth value:

- The fifth value includes securing the lasting peace, security and stability through finalizing of the process of NATO accession. The status of military property remains the top priority as it is the condition for the NATO accession. We have to create circumstances for receiving the invitation by 2020. And then, various politics in BiH should respond. We know where we are heading to, concluded Komsic.


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