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The state BiH is the only test of political maturity and responsibility

Amina Corbo - Zeco

By: Amina Corbo - Zeco

The joint meeting of the governing boards of SDP and DF held in September 2017 followed by subsequent meetings and agreements reached among the BH left wing parties, brought a great deal of optimism to the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Finally an agreement, some of us thought. The pessimists, however, doubted the whole deal and unfortunately, were proven right. There's no point in re-reading a book as the end will not change.

Chained by the right wing parties and their delusional programs, Bosnia and Herzegovina is facing serious problems, from the economic ones to the gravest endangerment of the rule of law. Local analysts, the academic community and the media chanted in unison about BiH finally breathing again by 2019 should the BH left wing show enough smarts to gain confidence of the voters, similar to the situation in Macedonia. But...

Vanity prevailed over common sense. One sided candidacies started appearing, fight for positions, for status in the envisaged alliance. Zeljko Komsic went as far as to request all parties to be shut down, including 100 years old SDP, in order to create a new party with the same ingredients. However, the individuals would bring their vanity and personal interests with them even to the new party. The ideas we heard did not suggest it be done for the state, which has to be above all the parties.

SDP was expected to be more resolute, to be the true bearer of 'revolutionary ideas'. Niksic has been playing calmly and pragmatically for now, being led by the idea that enlargement of the citizen option is a nation-building issue which should save us all. However, this story has to end very soon and some serious work ought to begin. Dilemmas, if any, have to be solved as an ultimatum: you are either with us, or against us. There's no other way. The question is if SDP, DF, Nasa stranka and Gradjanski savez the capacity for something like that.

Do they hear almost cries of all those professors and academics inviting them to the unity? Now that we have reached the stage of 'to be or not to be' – preserving the sovereignty of BiH, the citizen option should be much louder, united in its action, which should show their intention and will to not allow the ruling parties further robbing and destroying the state.

Only then 300,000 votes that the experts refer to will follow. The esteemed academic Esad Durakovic sent his message. Let's hope that those who are meant to receive it – will hear it. The citizens almost desperately count on political maturity and patriotic responsibility of those we provisionally call 'the left', citizen parties, patriotic bloc etc.

The disorder in the country and in the political parties has to be dealt with, because walking on the edge is over.


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