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Dodik and Covic together against the NATO

Dragan Covic and Milorad Dodik

The President of the Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, is the politician who should always be read between the lines. Earlier today he stated that the Republika Srpska would cease the activities relating to the implementation of the MAP (The Membership Action Plan for accession to the NATO) for BiH.

The decision on the MAP was issued by the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH in 2005. Dodik's SNSD also voted in favor of the MAP. That was when BiH embarked on a path of becoming a NATO member.

As the MAP was signed by all three sides at the state level, any unilateral declaration by the entity assembly could not have any legal value. Any unilateral action is not enough to undo the agreement from 2005. Bosnia and Herzegovina cannot be stopped by the lesser half of the state on its path to the NATO. Decisions of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH cannot be changed on a whim.

It was Dodik who imposed the implementation of the MAP upon the Republika Srpska, and now he is trying to take a step back. He says: 'The NATO Alliance is supporting only one side in BiH, the Bosniaks, so the RS will reject all their proposals even though it is the NATO Alliance'.

This is not about supporting NATO – it is about supporting BiH on its road to becoming a NATO member. Dodik has revealed that Dragan Covic's HDZ supports SNSD's stance. It seems that Dodik has received the official stance that HDZ is against the NATO just like SNSD.

Therefore, if this is HDZ's stance about the NATO accession, how come Republic of Croatia which controls HDZ BiH, as the NATO member is supporting the HDZ BiH's opposing to the NATO membership?

Dodik also established that there have been attempts to 'snatch away the immovable properties of the RS, especially the garrisons, via the Court of BiH'. That was a legal solution and not seizing the properties. Due to illegal actions in the RS, some issues have to be taken to the court.  

Dodik made another absurd statement following his meeting with Serbia's Defense minister Aleksandar Vulin. He stated that 'the RS does not want to have its border on Drina River that would be also a border of some military alliances'. So Dodik talks about 'borders of some military alliances' on Drina River. What does it mean? Was that about genuine neutrality of Serbia or about Serbia joining some new military alliance such as Russian bloc? One has to read between the lines each time Dodik speaks.

Key argument of Dodik's destructive behavior is in his statement that the NATO threw bombs on the Serb people. There was no mention, however, of the judgements of the international courts, the International Court of Justice and the Hague Tribunal which convicted the Republika Srpska of crimes. Dodik is the president of the territory ethnically cleansed by the crimes against humanity and genocide.


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