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Colonel of the Armed Forces BiH at commemoration for war criminal Praljak!

Colonel Josip Sliskovic in the AF BiH uniform at commemoration for Slobodan Praljak

The convicted war criminal Slobodan Praljak who committed suicide at the Hague courtroom having heard his verdict, is still a hero for many.

Many commemorations have been held both in Croatia and in BiH, as well as public gatherings, to honor Praljak. One of such public gatherings was organized in Novi Travnik where, among others, came Josip Sliskovic in the uniform of the Armed Forces BiH.

Colonel Josip Sliskovic is the commander of the 2nd Infantry Battalion of the 5th Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces BiH in Kiseljak. He is the former member of HVO 'Jastrebovi'.

There are many comments on the social media where his photo appeared, yet most of those say that the uniform of the AF BiH should not be worn at the occasions such was the one in Novi Travnik.


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