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Herzeg-Bosnia is a criminal project

Social Democratic Party BiH

Social Democratic Party BiH condemns marking the anniversary of the para-state Herceg-Bosna, most particularly the participation of high BH officials in such activities.

Marking the anniversary of the creation which highest officials were convicted by the Haag Tribunal to a total of 111 years of prison sentence for war crimes, we consider the act of undermining of the constitutional order. One gets the impression that this activity has been coordinated with Dodik's referendum in BH entity of Republika Srpska.

SDP BiH is urging Dragan Covic to cease presenting obvious untruths such as the one 'wherever lacked organizing and acting of HR-HB in any form, Croats no longer live there.' We should suggest him to learn more about Croat communities that he has obviously forgotten about, which does not mean they do not exist.

We should remember that presently more than 50,000 Croats live in Sarajevo, Zenica, Brcko and Bihac, which is far more than numbers of Croats living in any capital of the cantons with Croat majority, such as Posavina Canton. Speaking of which, it is Posavina and Croats from this part of BiH that were the greatest collateral damage of the war project Herceg-Bosna.

We also remind Covic that, based on irrefutable evidence, the responsibility for exile and mass eviction of Croat population lies with top officials of the para-state Herceg-Bosna and Republic of Croatia at the time, which was all arranged according to the tragic concept of establishing ethnically clean territories – states.

The strategy of concealing deadly results of the rule of nationalistic parties behind 'defending of history', we consider a worrying attempt of preservation of the rule by generating an artificial emergency situation. After all, those are, obviously, the most desirable circumstances of actions by SDA, HDZ BiH and SNSD, otherwise incapable of handling vital interests of the population such as economic development, highway construction, increase of pensions, reduction of foreign debt.   

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