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Every two years BH politicians draft people to war

Inflammatory rhetoric is a powerful weapon

Campaigns of BH politicians for the upcoming elections on 2 October, have succeeded in creating a frenzy, and social networks are overwhelmed with questions if there is going to be another war in BiH.

And so it happens every two years. Some individuals use harsh rhetoric to spark nationalistic passions, which goes down after the elections. Pre-election rhetoric is enough to publicly disturb the spirits. The question is – where do politicians get the right to 'draft people to war' every two years?

Almir Terzic, political analyst, offered a very precise answer in our interview, saying that 'inflammatory rhetoric is the most profitable activity of BH politicians in an election year'.

- Such a 'good old recipe' on homogenizing their voting body has thus far worked very well in terms of deceiving voters. After all, why change when something works well. That's how will be this year too. Referendums are back in the game, threats too, tensions and artificial crises are created... Who should be blamed for that: First, the voters who believe in that story. Instead of punishing those who drive them crazy by not voting for them, they give them their vote of confidence thinking that they are actually protectors of their 'national interests'. The voters usually figure out the deceit only after the voting is closed; because that's when the biggest enemies become good collaborators but not with the aim of implementing the plans that are in the interest of their people but with only one goal – personal financial gain, Terzic claims.

He further warns that 'as long as we think as three, we will not act as one and we will not get any better'.

- Media should be also blamed for accepting to act as a protagonist of political cheating. Instead of influencing and driving actions of politicians, BH media allow politicians to influence and drive their work. Politicians manage media space in the most calculated manner, with topics and stories to suit their own agendas. And that has become a vicious circle. Media should work to meet interests of citizens and not those of the politicians. If they (politicians) speak about the lack of conditions for reaching an agreement on Mostar, for example, media should broadcast only a brief news: 'Mostar still at a standstill' followed by articles and pictures pointing at garbage at the streets, stray dogs etc., Terzic says.   

They need to be constantly reminded of deep consequences of their actions (or the lack of those thereof), underlines this analyst and adds that 'the problem is that people and citizens of BiH decided to withdraw instead of fight'.

- They have decided in favor of escape to Germany, Sweden, Austria... Until people and citizens of BiH unite in their struggle to save BiH and to prevent those who destroy BiH to run it, better days will not come. At the time when all countries of the Balkans region talk about EU and NATO, as much as it may sound insane, BiH will talk about war, referendums, dissolution, majorization... All who do that should be told that their story is not convincing and their plan will not fly. However, I doubt that will happen anytime soon, Terzic claims.

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