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Tortures in Omarska Concetration Camps: Many have never been found

Today 24 years ago, Serb government opened up Omarska, one of the most notorious concentration camps in BiH, where more than 3.000 people from Prijedor were kept.

124 people from Omarska were killed on Koricanske stijene and Hrastova glavica, and many have never been found.

Concentration camp was organized by local government after Serb paramilitary took over Prijedor. A sistemic campaign of arrests and expel of nonSerb population from the entire region was organized, and their properties were robbed and burnt down.

According to concentration camps survivers, that was a hell on earth. Well known doctor Eso Sadikovic was also tortured and killed, and his body was found in a trench in Hrastova glavica.

Mass tortures and killings lasted till August 1992 when Omarska concentration camp got closed. Besides Omarska, Bosniaks were being exposed to tortures and killings beyond imagination in concetration camps Keraterm, Trnopolje, Manjaca and others.

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