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Ministers hire without advertising; more than 50 advisors in the Council of Ministers!

9 ministers in the Council of Ministers and Denis Zvizdic, its President, together have more than 50 advisors who cost the state budget no less than 120,000 KM as their average salaries are between 1,700 and 3,200 KM.

All the advisors were hired in 2015. Semiha Borovac, Minister for Human Rights and Refugees has 5 advisors. They were hired in the period 4 April – 10 December 2015. Nina Miskovic, a journalist, works as her Chief of Office, and other advisors are Dalida Medjedovic, Sanja Skuletic – Malagic, Kemo Sarac and Sevket Hafizovic.

Dragan Mektic, Minister of Security also has 5 advisors: Mladen Micic hired on 26 January 2016, Igor Golijanin, Mladenko Hrkalo, Bojan Cvijetic and Dusan Ostojic, all hired in 2015.

Adil Osmanovic, Minister of Civil Affairs has 4 advisors. His Chief of Office is Ivica Saric, music professor. Other advisors are Saban Sivic, a business manager, Damir Sisic, an economist, Aida Dzaferovic, with a BA in Journalism who works as advisor for education, science and culture.

Mirko Sarovic, Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations has 5 advisors, including a professor of psychology and pedagogy hired on 1 April 2016, Mira Mihajlovic.

Other advisors to Sarovic, Nedjo Kapetina (electtro engineer), Savo Krunic (forestry engineer), Nikola Perisic (veterinarian) and Vanja Bjelica – Prutina (legal clerk) were all hired last year.

Besides his Chief of Office Predrag Djokic, Minister of Foreign Trade BiH Igor Crnadak has 5 advisors. In his team, Crnadak has two economists Dragisa Delic and Sanja Babic, and considering that he travels a lot, this minister hired a geographist Biljana Josic Bajic. Sava Skrba, a mechanical engineer also advises Crnadak, as well as specialist for international relations Milica Supic.

Marina Pendes, Minister of Defense BiH is somewhat more modest compare to her colleagues so she has only 2 advisors. Marija Zelenika (mechanical engineer) and Josip Rajic (electro engineer).

Josip Grubesa, Minister of Justice, has also appointed 2 advisors, both legal clerks. Ines Krtalic is Chief of Office and Ivona Anicic is an advisor.

Vjekoslav Bevanda, Minister of Finance and Treasury has 5 advisors, and his Chief of Office is Sasa Maric. Other advisors are Eugen Susak, Mario Zivkovic, Jelena Brkic and Boris Raic.

Selection of advisors is of a particular interest; the entire selection and decision making process is up to the ministers and their deputies who have the power to appoint anyone they want, irrespective of qualifications and work experience and without public advertising. 

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