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Mayor doesn't mind: Graffiti in Mostar resemble 1993

Buildings in Mostar's west side are covered with nationalistic graffiti. It is obvious that SDA and HDZ do not mind.

According to a citizen of Mostar who was walking around this side of town and who took pictures and sent them to us, mayor of Mostar Ljubo Beslic has not done anything to remove the graffiti. This responsible citizen is wondering if that is unified Mostar that HDZ is striving for with its partner SDA.

- When you walk around this part of town, you get a flashback of 1993 war year. Who needs this nationalism and these fascist messages due to which people were being killed or taken to concentration camps? We, people of Mostar, love this city and we don't divide it into west and east, to east and west side of Neretva River. We want one city without any borders, without these messages, says this citizen of Mostar.

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