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Novalic's intermezzo and Zvizdic's deceit: Coordination mechanism still an issue

It was 10 February when Denis Zvizdic, President of Council of Ministers BiH proudly announced that the document of coordination mechanism was agreed upon and unanimously adopted at the Council of Ministers meeting, that it was published in the Official Gazette of BiH and that our country is strongly and surely making its way to EU.

At that occasion, he had a rift with a Patria journalist because he was either unable or he did not want to answer very concrete questions: 'why did he deceive delegates of Home of Representatives of Presidential Assembly of BiH, the biggest legislation body of BiH when he concealed that Coordination Mechanism had been adopted on 26 January; and how is the coordination problem resolved if two or three cantons fail to agree with the majority in the committee'.

- Well, I don't seem to mind that the document is considered 'secret', it seems to me that you mind that it is mysterious. It is not mysterious at all and you can insist upon it all you want, but you have to explain it to me how can a document be mysterious if published in Official Gazette, said Zvizdic.

And, we didn't have to wait long for the truth to surface. Even yesterday, 16 March, it was clear that agreed and adopted coordination mechanism had to go back to the drawing table, and then back to the Council of Ministers for adoption.

Yet, deceit continued so Zvizdic, refusing to admit the guilt, repeated over and over again that they are making progress with adoption. In reality, the high level meeting had only one simple conclusion – ‘we have agreed to agree’ – the phrase Milorad Dodik often used during the police reform process which went on for several years.

Even Prime Minister Fadil Novalic, known for his 'sharp' statements, wanted to calm the public, so he decided to shine again in front of media.

- Please understand this as an intermezzo between two key meetings. This is the first meeting where we defined technical and essential problems. The technical problems we will solve technically, and the essential one we will resolve by appointing a group to discuss them on Monday and bring them back for final adoption. There are no overly big differences in opinions and I believe we are making progress on this – said Novalic.

The Prime Minister did not say with precision what is intermezzo in this case – yesterday's statements or the entire deceit that the governing structure stands behind.

Far more open and precise in Novalic's intermezzo was Zeljka Cvijanovic, the Prime Minister of RS, who said that more complex things were left for Monday and that she is hopeful that agreement on coordination mechanism will be achieved.

At yesterday's session with journalists, the confusion reached the highest point so journalists asked Zvizdic to explain how come that they're discussing already agreed, adopted and published document?!

However, Zvizdic dodged the question and refused to admit that he deceived the public on 10 February.

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