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Jakic rewarded Ramic with VW Passat for his dedication and support

Almost two months ago, Governing Board of Foundation for Sustainable Development (ODRAZ), without any fuss and far from the public eye, re-appointed controversial Vinko Jakic to the position of director. Apparently, their decision was based on the court verdict of 26 August 2014 which instructed that Jakic be returned to the position. 

In order to return the favor for being able to sit again in director's chair, Jakic decided to allocate VW Passat B7 to Edin Ramic, member of Governing Board who was most active of all in promoting Jakic's re-appointment to the position of director of this exceptionally important foundation which manages a vast funding.

Hence Jakic's letter to now former Director of ODRAZ Samir Catovic requesting him to return Passat by 14 March so Ramic could have it.

The same day, Jakic signed a decision by which the company car is allocated to Edin Ramic, member of Governing Board. Considering that Ramic as a federal minister already has a vehicle and a driver at his disposal for work purposes, it remains unclear why Jakic practically donated him another expensive car.

Just to be reminded, at the time of Nermin Niksic's mandate, Governing Board of ODRAZ on 22 July 2014 annulled the decision about re-appointment of Vinko Jakic to the position of director because 'he lost their trust and failed to fulfill the task of getting Foundation in full function'.

Jakic then took with him all the stamps of this institution because he found it difficult to accept that he lost the position.

ODRAZ is a specialized foundation which serves international finance organization to implement low interest loans and finance support to small and middle enterprises. Due to Jakic, back in 2013 the World Bank blocked 110 million KM because it did not verify him as a reliable partner.

Jakic is otherwise a former owner and director of 'Vindex'. He was tried several times for fraud and tax evasion.

Who are members of ODRAZ Governing Board

Foundation is run by Governing Board appointed by Government of Federation BiH from federal ministers such as: President of Governing Board Jelka Milicevic is Finance Minister, other members are Zora Dujmovic, Minister of Culture and Sports, Vesko Drljaca, Minister of Work and Social Politics, Edin Ramic, Minister of Displaced Persons and Refugees, Semsudin Dedic, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Josip Martic, Minister of Physical Planning and Amir Zukic, Minister of Development of Entrepreneurship and Trade. 


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