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Reform of goods reserves of FBiH carried out by controversial advisor to Prime Minister Osmanagic

Reform of Federal Department of Goods Reserves is inter alia carried out by Suvad Osmanagic, advisor to Prime Minister Fadil Novalic, linked to several affairs, mainly due to malpractice. There are several criminal charges against him at the Prosecutor's office.

Osmanagic has been involved in the most recent business affair – the sale of Agrokomerc from Velika Kladuša – which includes the sale of multimillion KM worth assets of this former food giant for almost nothing, first to Development Bank of FBiH then onto a third party. According to our findings, the third party in question is Croatian Zvecevo.

The Government of FBiH has appointed a working group that is supposed to execute the proposed changes to the Law on Federal goods reserves. Novalic claims that he wishes to prevent the criminal activity in goods reserves, which has so far seen hundreds of millions KM disappear! One of the options is for goods reserves to be registered as a public company.

Representatives of the Department for goods reserves say that the Department requires reforms. The question is whether Prime Minister's advisor Osmanagic has the capacity to carry it through.

The latest criminal charge against Osmanagic was filed in December 2014. After he was dismissed from the position of Director of Unis Group, he refused to carry out the handover procedure in favor of person in charge at the time, Normela Dzafic. Several months following his dismissal, Osmanagic was still introducing himself as Director of Unis Group, which inflicted a great damage upon the Special industry of BiH.

Osmanagic became known to the public after he openly threatened to finance expert Svetlana Cenic who was engaged as a consultant to come up with a solution for saving Unis Tools. Two years after, this company does not work, workers are on strike, and the assets are falling apart.

Prime Minister Novalic himself allegedly admitted that Osmanagic is doing 'dirty work' for the government. That's why he's been keeping him close by for years.

Goods reserves possess vast capital. However, this Department serves to finance political parties, mainly the Croat ones. Media have discovered how oil worth several million KM disappeared from goods reserves, as well as hundreds of tons of wheat, but also other goods of high value that were meant for BH citizens in case of emergency crises.

So far nobody has been held accountable in the Federal Department for Goods Reserves for the multimillion losses. 

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