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Covic even prepared to blackmail: How will SDA and SBB prevent creating the 3rd channel

The Ministry of Transport and Communications BiH published draft changes of the Law of Public Radio Television service. The draft proposed introduction of three channels. This proposal was put into procedure by Sasa Dalipagic, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications (HDZ), who took advantage of the fact that the ministerial seat belonging to Bosniaks is free (SBB's candidate Bakir Dautbasic who has fallen short of getting appointed).

The Ministry of Transport and Communications are in a hurry to drop the hot potato and let somebody else deal with it. At the same time, they take the liberty of discussing this option even with the representatives of the international community who come to this ministry, seeking solutions for the BHRTV problem. The argument the Ministry has been using is the proposed Draft which is at least scandalous.

The proposal comes from HDZ, though SDA and SBB coalition partners play a part in it, who at the same time argue that the proposal will not have majority of votes. They obviously do not realize that the ministerial seat should be filled as soon as possible. Answering to journalist's question 'if he understands the urgency of appointing a minister for Transport and Communications' Adil Osmanovic, Deputy President SDA said 'this can't pass'.

- Notwithstanding the Deputy using the absence of the minister, that proposal or initiative cannot get a green light at the Council of Ministers. We expect the appointment to take place in the nearest future, said Osmanovic.

However, it has not been clarified how SDA and SBB will 'make' HDZ agree to their proposal about the problem of financing the RTV service. Patria's source reveals that Covic is even prepared to blackmail.

According to the Draft by Sasa Dalipagic, Studio Sarajevo would broadcast program in Bosnian, Banja Luka Studio in Serbian, and Studio Mostar in Croatian?! The same document explains that BHRT programs are produced and edited in accordance with the requirements of each constitutional group.

Based on the earlier conclusion of the House of People of the BH Parliament, the Draft is authored by a Work Group of the Ministry, and approved by the Deputy Minister Sasa Dalipagic. Public consultations will last 21 day.

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