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Izetbegovic calls the court documents – speculation!

Answering to journalists' request for a comment on the recently broadcasted Court transcript of a conversation in which Fahrudin Radoncic, President of SBB said that Ramiz Delalic Celo and Nedzad Ugljen were murdered by order of Bakir Izetbegovic, SDA President Bakir Izetbegovic said:

- I do not wish to comment as Mr Radoncic is not available to be asked if he stands behind those words. What matters to me right now is the stability of SDA – SBB coalition, and what somebody may think or say at a certain moment, that may not be important. What is important is how Mr Radoncic treats this coalition, and he treats it well. We had some good messages after the meeting of the SBB Presidency and they will yield the same response from us, and that's what matters for this country. About those speculations or what some think when in distress, that doesn't matter, said Izetbegovic. Responding to a comment by Patria journalist that 'it was not a speculation but a transcript read out before the Court of BiH', Izetbegovic said: 'When in distress and emotional, people have a right to say something unfounded. I don't stand behind that because it is not in my interest. My interest is a stable coalition and a good relationship with Mr Radoncic.' When asked to comment on continued warnings by SBB about 'champarization' of the Prosecution, Izetbegovic said that he does not share their views on that.

- SBB has a right to their own opinion, but in this regard our views differ. Aljosa Campara was among the first to propose coalition with SBB, everythins else is a speculation. I will continue to treat people in SDA on the basis of how they work and do things and not on the basis of someone's presumptions or what has someone heard over a coffee. What I consider important is how people treat SDA Presidency and the Governing Board; having said that, I will remind you that Presidency and the Governing Board of SDA reached a decision by consensus to form a coalition with SBB. Things will continue to run in that direction, Izetbegovic said.

President of SDA also commented on the rumors about SBB putting pressure on SDA to remove some people from certain positions.

- They did not have any such request and I believe they never will, because SDA will not be ready to do such things at anyone's call. I do not intend to meddle with the personnel issues of SBB or of any other coalition partners. SDA will not allow others to meddle with its personnel policies. However, members of SDA who do not behave responsibly and with discipline in relation with decisions of SDA, will be excluded from the governing bodies of the party.

At the end, Izetbegovic said that this whole situation will probably leave scars but also that it awakened defiance in SBB because it is the high time for people to feel that something concrete is being done.

- We had 11.000 of new employments last year but that is still not enough; the results of coalition have to be more tangible and clearer, added Izetbegovic.        

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