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Government tricked the pensioners: Pleased to see no reduction, nobody talks about pension raises

Intentionally or not, the BH Government managed to quiet the pensioners in the simplest way possible. They announced there will be no reductions. Pensioners are pleased and do not raise the issue of the pension raise.

- Pensioners celebrate, their pensions have not been cut, and nobody worries any longer that there will be no raise. It's good that they have not been cut – says Danijel Senkic, President of NGO 'Front' from Tuzla. He thinks that the Government used a cheap trick to quiet the pensioners.

BH media previously announced that the government planned out to reduce pensions by 10%. Documents which proved the information were also presented. However, soon after, the government officially denied the foreseen cuts. What is more, Prime Minister Fadil Novalic said that the government would not allow the cuts. The government is committed to finding new legislative solutions in the realm of retirement and invalid insurance, writes Patria.

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