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Give me a resolution, I’ll give you a declaration

Armin Aljovic


Bakir Izetbegovic carried out the announced conversion of SDA from the ethno-national into a citizens party at the 7th Congress of SDA by not electing one single non-Bosniak for the party bodies!

It is a tailor made democracy by Izetbegovic, the type that Western world has not seen before.

It is possible though, that Izetbegovic would keep his word and the repackaging of SDA could take a different turn – Bosniaks will be converted into Serbs, Croats and Others. After all, they are the majority in BiH. They will not lose much. It's been already tested on the BiH intelligence director Osman Mehmedagic. Trading ethnic identity in BiH is a well-known practice.

Dodik, who presents himself as the biggest Serb of all, has labelled Izetbegovic's call to strengthening his love for Bosnia and Herzegovina as the 'resolution of the Muslim people in BiH that invites conflict' – another argument from ignorance aimed at raising ethnic tensions in BiH and stigmatizing the Bosniaks.

At the 7th congress of SDA, Borjana Kristo 'advocates for Euro Atlantic path for BiH' in an utterly non-European manner – nobody in BiH should have any rights but those who vote for her HDZ, SDA and SNSD. 'I hope and deeply trust that we will build more relationships and trust between us, that the 7th congress SDA led by Bakir Izetbegovic will choose its leadership that will together with the political options from the other two peoples be able to respond to any new challenges before BiH', said Kristo.  

Everybody has the right to run his politics any way he chooses. The problem about the ethno-national parties in BiH though is in that that they survive on unconventional methods – by instilling fear of new war, and each time they start losing power, they don't shy away from drawing citizens into conflicts.

National consciousness that Izetbegovic attempts to raise, or the ethnic one that Dodik and Covic promote, does not have to mean something bad – on the contrary, it may act as a stimulus which can be very useful for the economy.  

Therefore, we can't help but wonder why the 'affirmation of Bosnian identity as a joint identity of all BH citizens, with retaining ethnic traits' should be disputed?

It is, however, very disputable because Izetbegovic is headed to the repackaging of the state via dead-end street.

Why does Izetbegovic all of a sudden pay so much attention to the 'affirmation of Bosnian identity as the shared identity of all BiH citizens', and at the same time, neglecting e.g. the fight against corruption, the economic revival, or strengthening personnel in the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Why does Izetbegovic think that somebody would suddenly begin to love BiH? Do Germans love Germany only because it is a phantasy of Angela Merkel that they do so, or they love their country because Merkel has brought the fight against corruption to the perfection, because she led well thought out efforts on the economic recovery, while only the best students can find jobs in the government institutions?  

Why should someone begin to love BiH only after the 7th congress of SDA; the country inter alia destroyed by Izetbegovic, who carries on destroying it?

What has changed since Saturday? We have already said it, the state will not start fighting the corruption, Izetbegovic has not offered any plan for economic recovery, and the government institutions will continue to employ on the basis of membership card of the ruling political party, Izetbegovic's wife Sebija will continue to take decisions about the health in Sarajevo, the prosecutor's offices will continue to shy away from arresting politicians even when their crime is proven, and they will continue to arrest the poor for stealing an armful of firewood. BiH will continue to shelter people who can kill Dzenan and David and will not be held responsible owing to their strong connections in the judiciary.

Isn't it about Izetbegovic's hypocritical humiliating the citizens? Those who don't love BiH are traitors, even though only I enjoy benefits of BiH?!

All this Izetbegovic's declaration drama, as well as Dodik's and Covic's counter attacks are like: You give me a resolution, I'll give you a declaration. 

The difference is in that Dodik and Covic thrive on that atmosphere in the process of proving BiH the 'state impossible', which cannot be said about Bosniaks who are 'impossible' without a state.

Having said that, the local nationalists and criminals are not the only ones guilty of Bosnian chaos (which is surely not only the issue of BiH). There's a lot to be said and held against the international mediators. Even if we forget that they did nothing to prevent the war in the nineties, even if we forget how irresolute they were during the 4 years of bloodshed in the region of former Yugoslavia, if we give it to them only for helping to halt further butchering of the Balkans, over the past few years, their indecisive role in the region only does harm to the citizens.

Had they reacted in time, neither Dodik would have called to secession, nor would Covic have advocated for Herzeg-Bosnia with Izetbegovic leading the 'affirmation of Bosnia identity...' with those who even hate to see Bosnia on a photo.    


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