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Mijatovic to Dacic: You continue Milosevic's policy which I'm ashamed of

Vojin Mijatovic

(Patria) - Vojin Mijatovic, the vice president of the SDP's governing board has directed an open letter to Ivica Dacic, Serbia's foreign minister.

Mr. Dacic, first of all I would like to welcome you to Bosnia and Herzegovina, the land of good people, decent people, the land that wishes well to all its neighbors, as well as to all other countries in the world.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a sovereign country consisted of two entities and the Brcko District. As such, Bosnia and Herzegovina runs a sovereign foreign politics and that will remain so for the centuries to come.

My name is Vojin Mijatovic and I am a Serb and a Bosnian from Banja Luka. I was born here and I have no plans of leaving my country Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mr. Dacic, your foolish and inappropriate statements, to say the least, have offended me personally, as well as any other normal man living in this country.

The fact that you come here as a dear guest and neighbor does not give your right to insult us, and to carry the political problems that unfortunately Serbia is facing – into our country.

Mr. Dacic, I'm well aware of the problems that Serbia has been facing as regards the status of Kosovo, and I'm certain that anybody from BiH would do anything to help solve it quickly and painlessly. It is, however, a burden which Serbia faces and for Serbia itself to solve.

You, Mr. Dacic, are a seasoned politician and instead of singing 'Miljacka' (Bosnian folk song) around the world and very ill, do something for Bosnia and Herzegovina instead. Do something with regard to the ultimate reconciliation in this country.

Mr. Dacic, your responsibility is far larger than that of any other politician in Serbia as you were one of the closest aides of Slobodan Milosevic who had done many catastrophic things to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I'm asking you now, publicly, what exactly you had done to stop some of those things in the nineties. NOTHING, Mr. Dacic.

Tens of thousands of Bosniaks and Croats lost their lives merely for not being Serbs, and not much less of Serbs who were fighting while your criminal representatives were smuggling oil, cigarettes, flour... getting rich over dead bodies.

Instead of coming to Bosnia and Herzegovina as a friend and visiting the places where atrocities took places, to bow to the victims, you come here as a bully to disquiet people.  

SHAME on you, Mr. Dacic.

Let me make it clear to you, so you are left with no dilemma, I'm a Serb and a Bosnian. I love and respect Serbia and Serbian people, but I also love my country Bosnia and Herzegovina, and each of its citizen from Jadran to Sava, from Drina to Una.


This is my country – I have no other. My late mother was buried in Belgrade and surely a part of me is there, but all my other ancestors were buried in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I do not plan on ever leaving my homeland, because my soul is here in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mr. Dacic, many good things are happening in Serbia and I think that only Mr. Vucic deserves credit for that.

And while I disagree with many of his opinions, I respect what he does for Republic of Serbia. You, Mr. Vucic, are only his Chinese keychain, for which I'm not sure why Mr. Vucic carries with him.

You represent continuation of the catastrophic politics of Slobodan Milosevic that, as a Serb, I'm ashamed of.

You, Mr. Dodik and other political destructionists are only a factor of destabilization and disturbance in our countries as well as in the region.

I'm quite confident that Mr. Vucic is aware of that and that you will both find yourselves out there where you both belong, outside of the politics of our countries and the region.

Lastly, as you are a lousy politician and lousy singer, try to be a better man at least, and stop rocking the boat in BiH as well as in Serbia.


Vojin Mijatović


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