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Nebojsa Vukanovic: Dodik has contaminated the region and created bad blood

Nebojsa Vukanovic: Politicians are greedy and unscrupulous

(Patria) – Politicians neither like their people nor their country, they do not deal with key problems. Most of them are only interested in making money out of the suffering of ordinary people, said Nebojsa Vukanovic, the delegate of the Serb Democratic Party (SDS) at the People's Assembly of the Republika Srpska.

'They've become greedy and unscrupulous. They haven't done anything in terms of improving their country. They only think about whom to appoint where and to steal from whomever they can. Mirko Sarovic, the foreign trade minister is one of few who got high marks at the Council of Ministers. He should be credited for the opportunity we have now to export milk and chicken to the European Union, and fruit and vegetables to Russia. And there's a brand new agreement with Turkey; it is obvious that Mirko Sarovic was working hard instead of just talking. His mandate is marked by increase of BH export, explains Vukanovic.

This SDS delegate would like to see more politicians in BiH such as Mirko Sarovic.

'What I find disheartening is that the agreement on export to Turkey was not signed by Sarovic who deserves all the credit for it, but Milorad Dodik whose everyday statements raise tensions and who endangered the relations with Turkey, Vukanovic told Patria.

Vukanovic is wondering how come that Dodik, who has spoken about the secession of the RS since he came to the Presidency BiH, now gets to visit Pope Francis and the Turkish president Erdogan.

'First of all, Milorad Dodik has behaved badly by insulting Muslims every day, saying that 'howling of mullahs' bothers him and that there are too many mosques around. He was making other Islamophobic statements in order to present himself as some big representative of the Republika Srpska and to provoke a feeling in less educated citizens of the Republika Srpska, explains Vukanovic.

'Now, that same man greets the Turkish army with 'marhaba asker'... it's a different man from the one who, before the elections, called Sefik Dzaferovic a 'war criminal' responsible for killing of Serbs in Vozuca. Now he travels with him to Turkey and perhaps he spoke more of Turkish and Arabic language than any BH representative so far. It only proves that Milorad Dodik is one unscrupulous machiavellist and manipulator who has been lying for a long time. He is a big shame for the Serb people above all, says Vukanovic.

Asked if Dodik could suddenly turn his politics in favor of NATO, Vukanovic said that 'Dodik has already done that'.

'He has already withdrawn the deputy defense minister Boris Jerinic and that will be done very quickly. Before the elections, he promised to the international community that he would be very productive and unblock the process of the Euro Atlantic integration for BiH. Surely he has already done a lot of work in that regard, says Vukanovic.

Vukanovic says that 'Dodik is a man with hundred faces, who changes the game every day so as to stay in power'.

'Unfortunately, he has contaminated the region and created bad blood. Just remember his threats of war with SIPA and the secession of the RS, and look at him today. I deeply regret that the citizens of the Republika Srpska can't see that he is one big criminal, manipulator and a fraud who has robbed his people. As long as he is on the political scene, there will be no progress on the road to the European society, concludes Vukanovic.



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