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The US Embassy: We reject any further geographical division of BiH

The United States are against any further division of BiH

The United States remain committed to Bosnia and Herzegovina consistent with the principles of the Dayton Peace Agreement, as democratic, multiethnic, sovereign and independent state with two entities, three constituent peoples, and with indisputable territorial integrity, the Office for Public Relations of the Embassy of the United States told Patria, referring to the meeting of the Sabor of the Croat community Herzeg Bosnia (HZ HB) held on Wednesday in Mostar.  

The Croat community Herzeg Bosnia was established in 1991 as a self-proclaimed body within then Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. A few years later, it was renamed as 'Croat Republic Herzeg Bosnia' to be abolished in 1994. Some of Herzeg Bosnia's highest ranks were indicted by The Hague Tribunal at the end of 2017 for crimes against Bosniaks of Herzegovina and Central Bosnia.

The Sabor session in Mostar was attended by some 90 delegates, officials of Croat people from all levels of power, presidents of political parties, representatives of Catholic Church, culture and education institutions, businessmen. A new management of sabor was also elected.

President of HDZ BiH Dragan Covic also spoke at the conference.

'We have 28 years behind us and we can express our pride for that time and wise decisions we took to preserve and protect Croat people', said Covic.

'We have to take care of something so precious and that is this name Herzeg Bosnia... I want us to choose suitable leadership, a new president of sabor who can lead and ensure we are represented through legitimate representatives of Croats on every level, until we achieve our complete equality in whole of BiH. Until such time, we have to be able to fully organize HZ HB and all other institutions of Croat people and seek unification', said Covic.

The Embassy of the United States assert that they dismiss any further geographical division of BiH.

'We strongly reject any further geographical division of BiH, including the option of forming the third entity, and we forcefully oppose to divisions based on ethnic lines. We encourage the leaders to continue on the path of Bosnia and Herzegovina according to the previously set goals of the EU and NATO integrations. Any further divisions in BiH would represent a direct obstacle to the realization of the prosperity and the set goals, state the Public Relations Office of the US Embassy.




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