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Friar Ivo Markovic: Relations between Muslims and Christians have to take a new turn

Friar Ivo Markovic

It would only be wise and normal if people confessed to crimes in order to establish a quality and correct approach towards the victims. Repentance is essential, and religion can help in that respect. Right now, we don't have that, said Friar Ivo Markovic, professor at the Franciscan Theology in Sarajevo.

He said that the final verdict for the war criminal Radovan Karadzic should mark a new beginning of 'sobering'.

He concluded that those who side with the evil, who are destructive, cannot last and they will see a political fall quite soon. Although there are clear intentions to break up Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are new revolted forces in BiH, which little by little take over the dynamics of social life.

Friar Ivo Markovic said on Circle 99 session on Sunday that in BiH, Christianity and Islam meet and those can be most positive relations.

He also said that relations between Christians and Muslims in general have been traumatic, and that Christians and Muslims 'have been ill for 14 centuries with religious trauma'.

'After 14 centuries, relations such as these have to take a Copernicus turn', said Markovic.

He also said that there is a new generation of responsible Christians and Muslims working on convergence and creating a new vision, and 'that new vision, powerful and strong, is required so that we can look at the present not from the perspective of past conflicts but from a point of an enthusiasm about the future'.


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