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Downright insane

Edin Urjan Kukavica

By: Edin Urjan Kukavica

One should be 'downright insane' to claim that, mass crimes were not committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina. One should be even more insane than those who planned and executed the crimes, more insane than Radovan Karadzic himself as even he was not so insane as to base his defense on refuting obvious facts. Instead, he hired as his defense lawyer a maestro of procedures and technicalities and 'defended' himself by disputing the process... We didn't need any reactions to the verdict to become aware that we live in a 'madhouse'.

Well, he is sentenced... to life in prison just like the one before him. One as a military and the other as a political creator and the executor... Apart from small satisfaction for those who were afflicted with the greatest pain in life by those named and many other unnamed, it is unlikely that after this verdict – as was the case after the previous one – anything will change.

However, I must ask: What now?

Is there any institution or an instrument of the international community responsible, for any reason – and there are all legitimate – to take decision to put ad acta the notorious Dayton peace agreements with all their annexes and initiate the process of redefining inner status of Bosnia and Herzegovina, its public system and the malignant organization which are – as it has been judged several time, and a few days ago again – a result and consequence of the genocide, crimes against humanity and violation of laws and customs of war?

To expect for something like that to happen from within is risky and equal to expectation that a tin will open itself. A tin opens from the inside only when the content has long passed its expiry date and goes bad and rotten to the point where tin blows up.

As for the Bosnian tin, it doesn't take much before it goes off. Besides, reforming BiH from within neither is possible nor logical as all of its institutions, including the Constitutional court, are obligated to keep its constitutional order. In other words, one ought to be more insane than the 'downright insane' and expect overpaid bureaucrats from the legislative to executive power to revoke themselves.

As for the political subjects... as much as they are (or not) the representatives of will even of their own people (and they are not as those three national representations/MD has introduced sports terms into political dictionary although medical one would have been incomparably more fitting/indeed are, result-based indicator of will of those who have voted, however, in a concrete case they are a mere indicator of imperfection of democracy for which even its inventor established that a system in which three idiots can outvote two geniuses is rather shaky...

On other words, what kind of decision can be legally valid and legitimate if it isn't voted for – democratically – by more than half of the voters (absentees and invalid voting papers) who are a key indicator of dissatisfaction with the offered options?

However, that is not so important right now...

To love this country and to love its guardians are two different ends of a very long stick. Suffice to conclude that we should not expect any good from them.

Therefore, the only logic way is from the outside... that is, some 'international community' and some reform that could ensure equal rights for all people in all parts of the country irrespective of their names... both the people and the parts of the country.

Is there any (even) theoretical possibility that someone – anyone – in the current mapping and distribution of geostrategic interests in which the Balkans serves only as a platform for demonstration of force and power, may dare to take a decision, ask questions and start to ban refuting verdicts of the Court and Mechanism and raise voice because for continuation of joint criminal enterprises, not to say propose strict sanctions against anything and anyone who thinks of or promotes and base their politics on ending the war with other means? Will anyone ever answer for continued deportations, expelling, terrorizing civilians and taking one whole country hostage from January 1996 till today? Or will they all play 'downright insane' and carry on as nothing special happened then and nothing special is happening right now...   

What I'm trying to say is, unless somebody realizes that something here – or everything – has to be changed, restructured, reformed... and should nobody do anything about it in any shape or form, 'Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina' will abstract the meaning of any verdict and any kind of verdict of any international court, tribunal or mechanism... and the two convicts will appear less guilty than majority of anonymous clerks who will play 'downright insane' and by not-doing, convict – if not already – countless unborn persons to life sentence in the country left to  'downright insane' heirs who will continue the politics of war criminals.


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