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Biserko: As far as Serbia is concerned – Karadzic is the winner

Sonja Biserko

'Serbia expects Radovan Karadzic to be acquitted; it has always been in favor of that option, however, it is hard to believe that the first instance judgement will see any significant change, if at all, as that would mean a fiasco for the Tribunal itself', stated for Patria Sonja Biserko, the founder and president of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia.

- Serbia does not accept any responsibility and is not ready for any kind of confrontation, on the contrary, this country is in a deep denial about what has happened. When it comes to Serbia, one should not expect any response aimed at reaching an agreement, dialogue or reconciliation, it will not come from Serbian side for a long time, said Biserko.

She explained that Serbia maintains the narrative of a 'liberation war' with 'Karadzic as the winner even though he is in prison, because Serbia has got a half of Bosnia, and they see it as a victory'.

- One should not only consider the length of prison sentence and if the indictment is integral. Bosniak side should approach the verdicts in a slightly different manner, the verdicts should be analyzed and approached in a professional manner, instead of emotionally as it has been case so far. I think we have reached the stage where the verdicts should be seriously and professionally examined, as they contain rather substantial assessments of what had happened, said Biserko.

She also said that the court judgement is not the only truth as it is limited to proving the guilt of one person for whom you cannot always find the right evidence, which again does not have to mean he is not guilty.

- The first instance verdict did not link Karadzic to Belgrade, which is also a big failure, however, it does not mean that there was no link with Belgrade and that he was not inspired by Belgrade. Historians and other professionals should investigate that as the evidence in The Hague Tribunal has created room for all kind of interpretations that could round up what the judgement has partly established in the case of one person, explained Biserko.


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