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Dodik's pact with the devil

Rasim Belko

By: Rasim Belko

Dodik's path of political prostitution has taken the SNSD leader to a devil's pact with the Italian and Austrian nationalists. United in their populist positions and a fight for impossible, Dodik's SNSD, the North League of Italy and the Freedom Party of Austria have agreed on 'cooperation in the realms of mutual interest'. And mutual interest of all populists of the world, including these three, is completely opposite of the goals of the developed part of civilization. The Italian-Austrian nationalists oppose the migrations, while the Norther League thinks of the EU as a dictatorship of bureaucracy. Milorad Dodik, isolated by the western politics, has taken yet another path to failure.

These shifts of political direction of the man who was once the international community's favorite, have become every day’s business. Those he once called war criminals, today he pays from the budget. Only seldom does SNSD leader show courage and begin to talk about interests of Bosnia and Herzegovina that he reluctantly represents. The split of political personality even the most rigid represent of social democrats anywhere in the world, has become a curious phenomenon for political analysts, as well as psychologists. He is mainly perceived as the best student of Aleksandar Vucic's political school. It is from his mentor that he 'picked up' the knowledge of political prostitution.

In Brussels, Vucic and Dodik will promise everything and swear by European values, while looking at Russia and everything opposite the very same European values. Both of them love Putin, more so as a detriment to the west rather than as a result of a bond between those two worlds. Hence the populists and nationalists of the Italian Northern League and Austrian Freedom party suit perfectly well the core of Vucic-Dodik political action. The Austrian nationalists also have an agreement with Putin's United Russia.

Joint separatist dreams and plans of the Austrian and Italian nationalists, and the fake social democrat Milorad Dodik, are the road to political failure. It is because hatred towards migrants and spliting of borders in Europe which strives for uniting is a priori set to fail. It is no news that Dodik is walking on edge, taking the pulse of domestic public and the international community. It is only somewhat strange that BH public almost did not react to Dodik's devil's pact that also embraced those who once advocated for the RS secession.

Although Dodik, isolated by the international community, remains only physically and verbally strong, with his political actions reduced to threats and constant tension-creating, Dodik's flirting with new partners mustn't slip under the radar of the local public and the international community. As much as unimportant and irrelevant his partner nationalists may be, Dodik gets his energy from them, much needed to stay on power in the RS, thus remaining the biggest obstacle on BiH's road to the Euro Atlantic integrations. Considering the current political situation in BiH with Dodik having a chairman of the Council of Ministers and the ministers in it, the devil's pact from Vienna could endanger BH aspirations towards the EU quite a bit. 

Given the current situation of political disorder at proBosnia political scene, as well as Covic's alliance with Dodik, Bosnia and Herzegovina may be facing 4 difficult years. 

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