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SDP: Croatia has violated the Dayton Peace Agreement

Nermin Niksic

The Social Democratic Party BiH condemns 'continued aggressive meddling in the internal affairs of BiH by Republic of Croatia'.

- By adopting the Declaration on the status of the Croat people in BiH, Croatia's sabor has violated the Dayton Peace Agreement, which, actually, only confirms the fact that Croatia has not given up on its destructive politics towards Bosnia and Herzegovina, says SDP in their press release.

- SDP invites Republic of Croatia to dialogue with BiH on an equal footing about pending issues, respecting sovereignty and the international subjectivity of BiH, in accordance with the UN Charter. Republic of Croatia, as a signatory of the Dayton Peace Agreement, is obligated to respect the sovereignty of BiH, which involves not interfering with the internal affairs of BiH, says SDP. They also emphasized that Croatian government has to cease treating BiH as a territory where it has certain rights. 'Neither Croatia nor any other country has rights on the territory of BiH', asserts SDP.
We are requesting the Presidency BiH and the Council of Ministers BiH to react to this action by Croatian sabor without delay, and to bring to the attention of all guarantors of the Agreement the facts about its violation. SDP will not agree to any further divisions and segregation within Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is sad and worrying that, it is exactly what the neighboring Croatia, the EU member, wants of BiH.

SDP members underline that the European Union is no place for two schools under one roof, it will never ban candidacy for elections only on the basis of ethnic background, and it will never celebrate those convicted for joint criminal enterprises or shelter those who are under suspicion for war crimes.

- It is the high time Croatian government ceases to be a hostage of the retrograde politics of HDZ BiH, say SDP. 'Instead of meddling with the internal affairs of BiH, Croatian government should fulfill its international obligations and return the property of BiH worth billions of KM, as BiH has returned Croatia's property. It should stop using hydro potential of Busko Lake without paying fees, and it should ensure a free access to the international seas for BiH instead of blocking it by the Peljesac Bridge construction, says SDP press release.

- The Croatian government should explain reasons for having its state post system falsify data on voters' addresses for the General elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina, or perhaps an explanation regarding its intention to build a radioactive waste dump by its border with BiH, which will present a serious security and health risk for the citizens of both countries. Instead, what we get is intensified denial of historical facts and additional radicalization of political circumstances in Croatia at the cost of relations of these two countries. We hope that Croatia will become conscious of the necessity of establishing good relations between two countries based on principles of equality and friendship, rather than the principle of imposition of one-sided decisions and demonstrations of force, say members of SDP.


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