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Milan Dunovic: Almost half of Croatia was against the Declaration

Milan Dunovic

The Vice president of the Federation BiH, Milan Dunovic made a statement concerning the Declaration adopted by the Croatian Parliament (sabor).

- The recent adoption of so-called Declaration on status of the Croats in BiH by the Croatian sabor has confirmed once more what we in the DF have been saying for months, that, this is the case of direct interference by the Republic of Croatia with the internal affairs of BiH, aimed at securing an eternal rule by one party in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as an attempt to suspend democracy, said earlier today Milan Dunovic, the member of the governing board and the presidency of the Democratic Front.

- However, one should note that nearly half of Croatia did not give their vote of support to the so-called Declaration. Only 81 out of 151 delegates at the sabor voted for the continuation of Croatia's diplomatic aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina. That just speaks in favor of the fact that Croatia's public is quite divided on this issue. After all, it is not about the Declaration of the Croatian Sabor, in a way, but it is a declaration of HDZ Croatia about its support to HDZ BiH, so we can conclude that the Croatian Sabor was misused by HDZ to render support not to Croat people in BiH but to HDZ BiH, explained Dunovic.

He added that 'the declaration on support to HDZ can be particularly useful for an analysis of the entire political ambiance and atmosphere of hysteria created by radical rightist and neo-Nazi circles from the neighboring Croatia, the hysteria from which all sensible people in Croatia distance themselves.

- The European Union, where Croatia's diplomatic aggression has faced a complete fiasco, will now realize and understand better the intentions of those radical rightist elements from Croatia. It's a pity that some of the original qualifications from the so-called declaration had been softened, and coated in some more civilized forms, however, even this declaration can be rather useful in that respect. We will rush to have it printed out in as many copies as possible, to show it to our colleagues, European and world officials, as an example of political disgrace and insolence, concluded Dunovic.


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