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The 'Gavrankapetanovic' case: SDA occupation of health and education sectors

Armin Aljovic

By: Armin Aljovic

SDA has occupied the health and education sectors and numerous other segments of society. They are an autocratic ruler with little tolerance for those who dare to disagree.

According to the education minister of canton Sarajevo Elvir Kazazovic, the Dean of Medical faculty Sarajevo, Semra Cavaljuga has done the right thing by refusing to give back the position of professor to Dr Ismet Gavrankapetanovic even though the Governing board of that school ordered her to do so.

The decision of the ministry reads: 'The decision of the dean of the medical faculty is legally based and serves to prevent a damage that may be inflicted upon the school, the University of Sarajevo as well as the University Clinical Center Sarajevo.'

Return of Gavrankapetanovic to the position of full professor would pose a real threat of endangering not only the rights of students to education but it may also inflict damage to the social community through losing confidence of the public in functioning and work of public institutions, more precisely the Medical faculty, says the minister's decision.

Therefore, according to the logic of locally limited minister Kazazovic, the return of a world recognized orthopedist Gavrankapetanovic to the Medical faculty Sarajevo would mean a real threat for the students and the society.

Biography of professor Gavrankapetanovic is highly impressive. For most other medical doctors – unattainable. He is a member of several world associations of surgeons, ten at least, including the British and the American associations of orthopedists. Contrary to Gavrankapetanovic, Kazazovic has very little to recommend him, even for local use.

Nevertheless, Kazazovic should have known better before referring to the world recognized surgeon as 'real threat' that may 'damage' the society as it may lose confidence in 'public institutions'.

Which public institutions? If a journalist opinion may contain facts that are not provable in practice, though obvious – then I'm allowed to say that the 'institution' in question is Sebija Izetbegovic. Kazazovic did not allow professor Gavrankapetanovic's return to the school as that would mean a 'real threat' for Sebija Izetbegovic? Kazazovic's blind loyalty to Izetbegovic could endanger thousands of citizens of Sarajevo and BiH who, as soon as tomorrow, may require Gavrankapetanovic's skill of bones fixing.

Kazazovic defends Izetbegovic also from other top notch orthopedists expelled from the Clinical center and the medical faculty for 'they pose a real threat' to endanger political order of Izetbegovic and SDA.

His own insane move minister Kazazovic justifies by the fact that Gavrankapetanovic no longer works at the Clinical center, which is the hub of the educational process of the Medical faculty. Having said that, the minister should oblige us by explaining how come that other MDs also not employed by the Clinical center, work as professors at the medical faculty? One may conclude: It's not the same. Dr Hiros, Dilic, Jatic etc. do not pose 'real threat' to Sebija Izetbegovic, the social community that is.

What has the university rector Rifat Skrijelj been doing all the while? He has behaved like the international community in BiH more or less; condemning and expressing concern.

Minister Kazazovic is just another expendable material of SDA's long-term project, reducing down to brutal territorial occupation of politics, culture and education, as well as all other segments of society.


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