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Breaking a politician: Why Obren Petrovic took Dodik's side

Obren Petrovic

By: Sead Omeragic

The mayor of Doboj, Obren Petrovic is a long-time member of the Serb Democratic Party. At He won the record number of 30,726 votes at the last elections, which is 10,000 more than at the local elections. He is a man fully trusted by his fellow citizens.

Petrovic advocates for a coalition with Dodik's SNSD both in the RS and at the state level. He says that he values only work and that Dodik will have his support.

Over the past three years, Petrovic has become an example of how the RS, through its loyal judiciary, gets hard-working and respected people for its cause. And not only the RS. Such operations of disciplining politicians from other parties can be seen in the Federation as well. Blackmailing is somehow always involved.

In March 2017, the mayor Petrovic was involved in a court trial as a witness. Milan Ninkovic, Borislav Paravac, Andrija Bjelosevic and Milan Savic were accused of taking part in a joint criminal enterprise against Bosniak and Croat civilians from May 1992 to the end of 1993. Petrovic was subpoenaed as a witness. He requested and was granted legal immunity, which allowed him not to reveal details which may incriminate him.

The Article 219 of the Criminal Law of the RS, a witness has the right to not answer any question which may expose him to criminal persecution. The witness who got the immunity and who testified at the court will not be persecuted unless he gives a false statement. Immunity is granted by the Chief Prosecutor of the RS.

Petrovic testified in the case Ninkovic, Paravac et al in June 2017. Although it was proved that he did not accept to be involved in some shameful acts, according to the media, his signature on some documents remains a problem. Another problem is the fact that prosecutors in BiH are often politically dependent.

Rough times started for Petrovic. In February 2018, the mayor was subjected to questioning at the police head office Doboj. Police investigation established that sale of office space of the newspaper 'Vecernje Novosti' had the characteristics of a criminal offence. They were also looking into sale of some other business space in town for which the Public Defender's Office of the RS established that the mayor failed to adhere to the procedure for sale, reported RTRS.

The investigation in the Petrovic case was taken over the Head office of the criminal police of the RS Interior ministry. A report on his malpractice was submitted to the prosecutor's office.

The business space in question was allegedly sold for 62,500 KM. Although there were no media reports on the subject, it was said that Petrovic confessed his guilt, for which he was rewarded with acquittal. Some international organizations commented that such legal institutions don't exist anywhere else in the world.

It is the fact that the mayor of Doboj was subjected to constant threats and attacks by Dodik's regime. And that his good will and praises for Dodik mean the ultimate surrender to the first person of the RS.

Two days ago, the media reported that Obren Petrovic who won a mandate in the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, will accept the invitation by the Serb member of the Presidency BiH, Milorad Dodik to form a broader Serb coalition at the state level.

On the same day, after his meeting with Milorad Dodik, the mayor of Doboj Obren Petrovic made a public statement that he 'supports the SNSD leader and the strength and energy that he invests in his work'... President Dodik lost in Doboj; unfortunately, the man who helped the most had the worst result, said Petrovic.

The cases similar to the one of breaking previously solid mayor Obren Petrovic can be seen in the Federation.

Those who enter the politics create corruption driven alliances. Their functionality equals their vulnerability.  

There's a story about an honest politician... the leaders were looking for any weakness in order to blackmail him. To no avail. Yes, there must be at least one, said the leaders – he must have a kidney stone! And then we can start breaking the kidney.



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