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Croatia and Serbia directly involved in BH elections

Dragan Covic and Andrej Plenkovic (photo HDZ BiH)

The highest political representatives of Serbia and Croatia use every opportunity to point out that they do not interfere in internal matters of BiH, however, their actions prove them wrong.

Two days ahead of the General Elections in BiH, the government of Croatia has openly and one-sidedly decided to render support to HDZ BiH and Dragan Covic. Last Wednesday, the Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic in a long interview for Vecernji List openly expressed his support for Covic, while only a day later the same newspaper interviewed the Croatian president Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic who also spoke about her favorite candidate – Dragan Covic.

To confirm the preference of the Croatian government, the Prime Minister Plenkovic traveled to Mostar to meet with the HDZ BiH top team followed by his participation in the HDZ's final pre-election event.

By supporting Covic and HDZ BiH, both the president and the prime minister of the neighboring Croatia are directly interfering in the elections of another country. Their support to Covic in particular is the proof that they do not care for Croats in BiH as they do not seem interested in the Croats who are not members of HDZ BiH.

Diana Zelenika, the candidate for the Presidency BiH nominated by the HDZ 1990, a few days ago responded to 'ever so brutal interference by the Croatia's officials in the electoral process in BiH'. She directly accused the vice-president of the Croatian parliament (sabor) Milijan Brkic of putting undue pressure on voters.

- With regard to increasingly brutal interference in the electoral process in BiH by the officials of Republic of Croatia in favor of one political party, I feel the urge and the responsibility to react. Milijan Brkic has been manipulating electoral result with arrogance and brutality, using electoral engineering my means of so-called correspondence votes, in favor of HDZ BiH candidate. Fake registrations of voters, massive identity theft and vote engineering at electoral units is the work methodology of the vice-president of the Croatia's Sabor which, with Russian intelligence and logistical support, as we learn from mega-media.hr, is changing contemporary political reality by force. They are trying to remain on power by repeated theft of votes, thus disregarding legal and legitimate electoral will of the Croat voters. I think it politically necessary to point the finger at the upcoming electoral theft so I call all Croats to support my candidacy for the presidency BiH and thus prevent return of the evil to the Presidency BiH, said Diana Zelenika.

We notice a similar situation with regard to Serbia's relation with BiH. The Serbian foreign minister Ivica Dacic spent a few days in Doboj where he took part in the opening of a part of the highway Banja Luka – Doboj, where he stood shoulder to shoulder with Milorad Dodik and Zeljka Cvijanovic, which sent a clear signal of his direct support to them and other SNSD candidates on the eve of Bosnian elections.

Milorad Dodik announced a celebratory opening of a new hospital 'Serbia' in the Eastern Sarajevo on the last day of pre-election campaign. The Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic is likely to show up at the event. Only two days before the elections, Vucic should remain neutral, we suppose. Sounds like a good joke.

Whenever accused of meddling in the internal affairs of BiH, Vucic and Grabar-Kitarovic respond that they are only 'helping'.

Political situation in BiH could use some help but the help these two countries have been rendering brings more damage than good.

Except for two people – Dragan Covic and Milorad Dodik.



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