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Becirovic: We should abolish paradiplomatic network and strengthen the state diplomacy!

Dr Denis Becirovic is the candidate for the Presidency BiH

The candidate for the Presidency BiH, Denis Becirovic thinks that the state diplomatic – consular network of BiH, already weakened by the existing divisions and the lack of professionalism and efficacy, is additionally endangered by the practice of opening new para diplomatic offices.

- It is hard to understand why the Presidency BiH, as the creator of the foreign policy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has not cut the para diplomatic practice at the roots. Instead, they let the reputation of the state in the world be ruined. And while the diplomatic – consular network is being thwarted, various para diplomatic offices have been opened abroad by the BH entity Republika Srpska. There are also announcements that HDZ BiH ruled cantons will do the same, which can only lead to dissolution of the established foreign politics of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Such concept of representing Bosnia and Herzegovina is unacceptable and damaging with long-term consequences, said Dr Becirovic.

- The project of parallel representation abroad masked as 'economic offices' by BH's administrative unit the Republika Srpska was devised and carried out by Milorad Dodik. It is through such projects that he gets to realize his specific interests and dangerous ideas of the ruling leadership in Banja Luka. That is his way to destroy much more than joint foreign politics of Bosnia and that has to be stopped as soon as possible, added Becirovic and concluded: 'Diplomatic-consular network of Bosnia and Herzegovina has to act in coordination with the state institutions and it has to be enabled to efficiently articulate interests of every part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It particularly has to act in the interest of bearers of development of the state. Such network has to promote cultural achievements, academic cooperation, strengthen relations with diaspora and carry out other functions that are useful for the entire society. If there are particular interests of the lower administrative and territorial units of BiH, they can be expressed through diplomatic – consular network of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and not through para diplomatic representative offices.'

Becirovic concluded that, as the presidency member, he will 'protect the state Bosnia and Herzegovina from any attempt to ruin its reputation and authority in the world'.

- I will insist that the country's interests are represented in a correct, rational, efficient and measurable manner, without any tolerance for parallelism.



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