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Komsic: No time for hesitation, we are either for BiH or against it

Zeljko Komsic

Some 'altruists' said that we made a mistake when we left the power in 2015, that we should not have done so. However, they were happy to see us leaving so they let Covic have everything they could possibly pass on.

That's how today Covic, together with Dodik, in a manner similar to his, goes to create parallel institutions, and threatens BH citizens. It is a consequence of a 'relaxation' of his relations with Covic and HDZ, said Zeljko Komsic, the candidate for the Presidency BiH yesterday at pre-election events in Bihac and Cazin.

He also said that 'those who think that Covic's primary political intention – to gain and use as much power as possible without any explanation or justification – will go away once his desires are fulfilled, are terribly wrong'.

- Based on our experience so far, only the naive can hope for that. It is the kind of politics which, if offered a finger, wants to take both arms from you. However, the citizens have begun to realize that as they are not blind, said Komsic and added:

- They said about us that we have fallen apart, that we don't exist anymore. How come we don't exist when the official Zagreb, Croatian diplomacy, the media and the intelligence do not cease talking about us? If we were not there, I suppose, they would not be talking about us, said Komsic in Bihac.

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