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Two things are infinite: Human stupidity and Nenad Stevandic

Nenad Stevandic: Liking (only) those who hate Sarajevo

By: Haris Ljevo

The leader of the United Srpska, Nenad Stevandic, told ATV that, at the upcoming general elections in October, for the Presidency BiH, his political party would support the candidate least liked by Sarajevo!

To avoid any confusion, Stevandic explained in detail what he meant.

- There's nobody less liked by Sarajevo than Milorad Dodik. And we will be against the ones favored by Sarajevo – those ministers in the Council of Ministers BiH, or the member of the Presidency BiH, said Stevandic.

According to Stevandic, Sarajevo only likes those who work against the interests of the Republika Srpska, and hates those who work for the benefit of the RS.

- The United Srpska officials share my opinion; we have held talks with SNSD on the topic. Of course, that has to be operationalized in the future, explained Stevandic.

Stevandic thus sends a message to the RS citizens that there's no need for them to gain education, to be honest working people so as to be candidates for BiH Presidency member.

Stevandic's message is clear in that, the RS citizens should invest their energies in becoming hated by Sarajevo, as that is the only way they could gain Stevandic's trust and that of all those who share his values.

Therefore, it doesn't count if you developed yourself academically, or if you became a successful entrepreneur in a legal way. You can get Stevandic's support only by gaining the status of a 'hated person' in Sarajevo.

In the civilized world, there are political parties and individuals who base their political program on the fight for the workers' rights, ecological campaigns, animal rights, handicapped persons and various other rights. Having said that, to base a political party program on whether someone likes or hates the capital city, is a non-existent phenomenon even in undeveloped countries.

This was not the first time that Stevandic exposed himself to ridicule by going public with his opinions and ideas. This time, however, he has gone too far.

- Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe, said one of the greatest minds of all times, Albert Einstein.

Had Einstein been our contemporary, he would have put it this way: 'Two things are infinite: human stupidity and Nenad Stevandic'.


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