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HDZ 1990 to Covic: We don't want mobilization, we want to live in diversity

Dragan Covic

The board of HDZ 1990 of the Central Bosnia Canton issued a press release in which they reject the appeal of the Croat member of the Presidency BiH and HDZ BiH leader Dragan Covic to 'mobilization of the Croat people'.

- Mr. Covic, following the local elections where we jointly appeared for sake of national interests, you have deceived us in all municipalities. Not in single municipality of the Central Bosnia did you respect even a bare minimum of our deal and the signed contracts. Instead, together with your followers, on your order, you turned against us aiming to destroy and shut down HDZ 1990. We are now asking you to take responsibility for destroying the Croat unity in the Central Bosnia which will, owing to you and your vassals, never happen again.

Since you are supposed to be accountable to your own people, how dare you invite people to mobilization, intimidating with such rhetoric our already tormented people, with the wounds still open from the previous war? Don't you feel ashamed before the defenders who lost their lives for freedom, the freedom we enjoy today?

Our soldiers defended every inch of our homeland on which we are supposed to form families, work, have decent salaries and pensions, and enjoy our old age with our grandchildren – in our homeland where being competent would be more important than being in the right political party and/or well connected. Instead of empty parks which should otherwise echo children laughter and noise, we see crowded bus stations with people leaving the country in search of a better life and long lost dignity.  

It is sad to see the pensioners and parents dig through garbage containers looking for food to feed their families. Surely it escapes your notice as you drive around in your expensive armored limos with tinted windows! So much for accountability!

In 2014, in 'Vecernji List' you stated that the Croats would not be leaving BiH. Nowadays, the Croats are leaving for Germany or other EU countries to do hard physical labor to feed their families.

We in Central Bosnia whom you deceived and tricked in all our agreements so far, we are asking you how come you can still advocate for the unity, given all that you have done to us in the Central Bosnia? And how come you can still blame others for the failures of your politics which you have been running for the last 20 years? You have had last 20 years to create better life conditions for all of us but you did not!

You were able to see the 'unity' in all municipalities of the Central Bosnia at the last local elections, but you just as well deceived us. We are not afraid of you, yet we warn you that you will not succeed in intimidation with pre-election rhetoric about the endangerment of the Croat people by others and those who are different!

We are only endangered by you and your blinded, uneducated followers of UDBA, and we strongly condemn anyone who supports the policy which has been making us disappear from the Central Bosnia.

You can win the coming elections, and hundreds of other elections, and be in power forever, but you cannot ignore the historical truth that most part of the Croat people from Bosnia and Herzegovina left the country during your mandate.

The Nobel Prize winner, Ivo Andric of Travnik wrote:

- Of everything that a man in his life instinctively builds, nothing is better and more valuable than the bridges. They are more important than houses, more sacred than the temples. They belong to everyone, they are same to everyone, they are useful, built with the purpose, at places where most human needs cross, they are more enduring than other buildings, not serving anything secret or evil.

We want to build bridges! We want to stay here and live here in the wealth of diversity! We want to build the future for our children! Contrary to you and your vassals, states HDZ 1990 in their press release.


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