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The elections of the lowest kicks

Sead Omeragic

By: Sead Omeragic

It is a shame on all the political parties and the entire political elite to start election campaign more than a year before the elections, as if they will take place tomorrow. It is more schizophrenic than shameful that one year before the elections, they start with exchanges of low and the lowest kicks, blaming each others and interparty fights.

It is obvious that, in this country, the fight for power never stops. Elections are only a passing phenomenon, while the citizens – voters are collateral damage. Such twisted perception of the politics and the election process reveals that the parties have nothing to offer other than basic political instincts, retarded propaganda and inarticulate goals. The only true goals of this permanent election hysteria are greed, nepotism, brutal robbery of state money and various other kinds of illegalities.

Feel free to tell lies, appeal to people's basic instincts and count your votes.

And the charade lasts from one elections to another, and the battle for power never stops, after which we are forced to listen to the stories about politicizations of this and that... Unfortunately, there's nothing that has not been politicized in this country. Money is also political as it is mainly in the hands of party officials.  

However, probably the worst of all is the fact that political parties have dragged their electoral corps into their game, making it primitive, low-minded, and a victim of an insane concept of a battle for power. Perennial election campaign has confronted the electoral corps, creating unimaginable animosities. They are particularly visible inside of the Bosniak corps which has about 30 parliamentary parties. Not two of those parties can agree about anything.

In the civilized world, election campaigns start a month before the Election Day. The rest of the time is spent on work on prosperity of the nation and the state. Executive power is the power of all citizens, it is a responsible system in service of the common good. It is the power of those who voted and those who did not. Of those who are members of political parties and of those with no such intention.

Even European institutions asked to stop the preelection campaign and instead, start working on key problems of ordinary citizens.

We have not had 5-year or 10-year plans for development and employment for a long time. Few parties offer plans crisis management plans or solutions for 'better life'. For years, there's been no progress reports by those in power. Everywhere else in the civilized world, the parties that finished their mandate submit reports to the nation on achievements and failures. They mustn't and will not lie. This is about 4 years of being in power where false reports can only make worse, they can hardly help. Here, we talk about thousands of new jobs without one single new factory.

There's nothing that the ordinary people could hold on to in these endless pre-election races, shallow campaigns, in this agony of lies and frivolousness, framing and slandering, the lowest politics and an utter disorder.


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