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Arapovic: People with knowledge should run politics

Adis Arapovic

Adis Arapovic from the Center of Civic Initiatives left the non-governmental sector to enter the politics by joining the Alliance for Better Future (SBB).

The former project manager of CCI spoke on TV N1 about his reasons for entering the politics and his plans for the future.

Could you explain this sudden decision?

- It is not sudden at all. I have been carefully analyzing BH politics for a number of years, criticizing every bad move of the politicians, the government and bad politics. Over the past two years, I have been focusing on the reforms and their output so far, confronting local politicians, and trying to prove to them that more often than not they do not speak the truth, and what they say does not have much to do with the reforms, Arapovic told N1.

Why SBB?

- Because it is a big party that has not been bearer of power, and it well could be in the future. It can remain big and it has the capacity to be bearer of power. In 22 years, SDA has been the leading party for 16 years, and the second for 4 years. The public sector is primarily filled with nepotism and corruption. The courts and prosecutor's offices are busy proving that. SDA is the last to be lecturing us about occupying positions, Arapovic added commenting the statement of Bakir Izetbegovic who said that 'SBB is holding about 1,000 positions'.

Do you really believe that you will manage to change something once in SBB?

Whenever I spoke, I did that with a good intention, open hands and clear conscience. I have got nothing to hide, the government knows what I know about their actions, they know quite well that I'm able to communicate to the people that the average salary has not changed in the last 5 years, that the average pension is 350 KM, that I can say out loud how much debt they have piled up and how much corruption has been cooked in those political kitchens, Arapovic said.  

Will Fahrudin Radoncic give you freedom and space as far as your work in SBB is concerned?

- SBB is changing its character. It has changed it with its decisions to appoint non-party people to important positions in the public companies, as in the case of Svetlana Cenic. Grip was strong on those positions in the past, they seemed to be permanently occupied by the party people. SBB now want to bring in non-party people, professionals, they want vocation before the politics, honor and skills before blind party loyalties. That is my motive to enter the politics, so that this country can be prosperous if things are done in a different way, Arapovic explained.

He also said that the current political establishment has many reasons and uncontrolled power to choose opposite of the EU, freedom, the future and the West.

- I want the politics to be run by a new generation of people with experience, knowledge and skills, and honor without debt. That should be the quality of people in the politics, asserts Arapovic.

And what is your motive for entering the politics?

- My two children primarily, as well as other children whose parents do not have the opportunity to give back, to stand for others and contribute more. I did not negotiate about positions. I did not request any particular position on the list and I do not have any such intention. I will let others be the judge of my competences. If they want me, I will be at their disposal, Arapovic said.

He also explained his leaving the CCI; the last year he handed in his resignation letter.

- I announced before the whole nation that I was leaving my job and entering the politics.

Do you think you could return to the NGO sector in the case SBB lost the elections?

- I have no plans of making decisions which would jeopardize my moral principles. I have entered the party with clear conscience and I will leave it one day with clear conscience, be it as a winner or not, Arapovic and added that he is 'not interested in positions' and that 'the best of us should be given the opportunity'.

What has been your experience as far as Fahrudin Radoncic, SBB president?

- We spoke few times over the past two weeks. All the decisions are result of the recent discussions. I have never had shorter yet more concrete talks. That is the characteristics I value, direct and straight, Arapovic said.  

Did he personally call you?

- Yes, he did. His secretary called requesting a meeting which we had. We discussed various options. I told him I was not interested in election lists, that I was neither interested in specific positions nor a public sector salary. Over the past 20 years, I was earning on the market, not outside of it. We quickly came to an agreement on those terms. Chief of election headquarters is not a party function per se, it can be filled with a professional, Arapovic stated for N1.

Does the fact that your wife is with SBB (vice-president of SBB) has to do with your decision?

- We had separate careers in different sectors; I was in civil sector, she was in the academic community. Believing in same principles and this country is what connects us, Arapovic explained.

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