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Dacic's policy: Resolve problems by means of war

Ivica Dacic

By: Haris LJEVO

Serbia's foreign minister Ivica Dacic said that problems in the Balkans region persist and that new conflicts between the Balkans countries are possible as long as their causes exist.

When the former spokesman of the biggest culprit for the wars of 1990's in the former Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic, makes such statement, then we have the right to be worried about the situation in the region.  

Milosevic's right hand, Ivica Dacic, frustrated because his ex-boss failed to realize his dream of 'Greater Serbia', tried to send a message that it is quite possible that, some day, if the conditions are ripe, he may attempt to finish the project.

- Have the problems which caused the Balkans wars been removed? No, they have not. This is only an intermezzo between some new conflicts, not because of Serbs, but because of unresolved issues in the Balkans. If the big powers do not understand that, they are creating problems, and we will remain in a vicious circle, Dacic said.  

Just like his boss used to do, Dacic blamed big powers such as France, Great Britain and the United States for all problems Serbia has been facing in the realm of foreign policy, without any self-criticism on his part as to his and his party's influence over the past 30 years in Serbia's decision-making, at both national and the foreign policy level.

Dacic reference to intermezzo between new conflicts fully reveals that Dacic, his party as well as the most part of Serbia's political scene, are still in the obscure mindset of the nineties.


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