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Vucic, Dodik and Ivanic – three different opinions

Dodik and Vucic: I beg to differ

By: Haris LJEVO

Every once in a while, sometimes in Banja Luka, other times in Belgrade, political leaders of Serbia and the Republika Srpska get together to express alleged unity of the Serb people, and to reaffirm common interest of all Serb politicians, regardless of their political affiliation.

However, in just one day, these three leading Serb politicians from Serbia and BiH revealed that they have entirely different opinion on one particular topic.

And the topic was the resolution on Jerusalem status adopted by the UN General Assembly; it revealed how opposite points of view have Vucic, Dodik and Ivanic.

Serbia's representative at the UN supported the resolution which rejects the decision of the US president Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

On the day of voting on the resolution, the RS president Milorad Dodik sent an official letter to the member of BiH presidency Mladen Ivanic, in which he requested him as the presidency member, to represent the view against the resolution at the presidency level, which would eventually determine the vote of the BiH representative at the UN.

Ivanic disobeyed Dodik so the BiH representative at the UN abstained.

Therefore, Vucic was FOR, Dodik AGAINST and Ivanic ABSTAINED.

Voting on the resolution only revealed what has been known for a long time. In politics, there's no love, there's no friendship, only interests.

This time, the interests of Vucic and Serbia agreed with those of Russia, so they voted against American interests, not bothering to find out what Dodik thought about it.  

It is likely that Serbia will continue to protect its own interests regardless of Dodik and any future dodiks.



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