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It is up to Wigemark

Armin Aljovic

By: Armin Aljovic

Three conclusions can be drawn from the current situation relating to new taxation on fuel in BiH: the fuel will be more expensive for all BiH citizens, regardless of their ethnic and political affiliation; the total debt of BiH government with the international banks has increased – with that money of ours (which we will be paying back through more expensive fuel) they will be buying social peace and our votes at the coming elections; and last but not the least, Wigemark has proved that he can influence BiH politicians whenever he wants.

The excises are necessary evil for BiH, experts explain. After all, why cry now when we did not have any choice. We had a happy choice before us - another IMF debt or a loan by commercial banks with slightly higher interest. The IMF arrangement is more suitable. Anyway, without loans, the budgets would not last even until Christmas. The loan makes our future a bit more predictable, at least for a short while. We will see about later. After all, in BiH, we live day by day.

One of the most important lessons learnt from the Excise case is the realization that the international community is able to influence the BH politics when it wants. Mladen Bosic told on TV how Wigemark jumped in his car on a cold winter day and drove off to Bijeljina to lobby with SDS's state delegate to give his vote of support to the issue of excises in the Parliament. Before his trip to Bijeljina, he tried to persuade a few other relevant people. He visited some state delegates at their home, while others paid him visit at his home.  

Bosic claimed to be fascinated by the effort the international community invested in the project 'excises'. This is how Bosic viewed their perseverance, energy and will: The world bankers rushed to sell to BiH hundreds of thousands of EUR they had on stock. At the same time, the state would ensure repayment of the loan through additional taxes on fuel and opening of public works. From the point of view of banking and risk, this is expected and justified, particularly for BiH.  

Therefore, we have learned that, with good will, it is possible to find good solution. Good will or some convincing.

The BiH citizens could now rightly expect of the international community, from Inzko to Wigemark, to invest the same amount of effort in establishing rule of law. Bosnia and Herzegovina may as well be the only country in Europe and elsewhere, in which the judiciary is reduced to extracurricular activity. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country of rule without law. Nobody is safe in such country. By his involvement in the excises case, Wigemark did a huge favor to the world bankers and extended the life of the government. However, by supporting the judiciary, he would extend the life of BiH citizens.


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