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Minister Campara can't stay after the protests

Aljosa Campara

By: Armin Aljovic

In Federation BiH, the government has managed to turn even the police against itself, which is a rare example in the whole of Europe.

Police is one of the indicators of the rule of law. A state can be structured in many ways, but every state has the same responsibility – to protect every citizen and his/her property, to ensure conditions for democratic living. Police is the apparatus which helps the state to protect dignity of every citizen.

Police in Federation BiH is dissatisfied with many things. In some cantons, they are dissatisfied with salaries. They are not pleased with the retirement law either. Therefore, following years of difficult job which often involves high level of risk, policemen will have faced rather unpredictable, insecure life in retirement.

How can we expect an unhappy policeman to guard with zeal democratic order of one society? Who else will save the credibility of our country if not police? Where state and law do not function, mafia takes over.   

All this implies that the federal government does not really care for the police. The federal minister of interior, Aljosa Campara, did not show much concern either. He did not appear in front of 2,000 policemen protesting on Monday in front of the building of the federal government.

What kind of minister fails to secure more adequate retirement conditions by his political actions? How could he vote for the law without prior consulting with the syndicate of the police? One may conclude that today policemen also protested because of minister Campara.

Ministers of West European countries file their resignations for the tiniest mistakes. If he wants to save the credibility of the state and the police, and even his own credibility, Campara will call a press conference tomorrow morning and file his resignation. Because, obviously, his ministry will not bring anything good either to police or the state and its citizens.


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