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Skopljakovic: BiH is run by people with three anti-European visions

Bozo Skopljakovic

The President of the Croat Party of BiH, Bozo Skopljakovic, said that he was gravely disappointed that BiH did not avail of the opportunity to finally open the door to the European family to which it belongs historically, geographically and culturally.

- It is a bitter and painful realization that our incompetent and dishonest political leaders in BiH toyed with the will of people and citizen of BiH, and with strategic interests of BiH. Instead of the EU, they have led our country into a dead-end street, the poverty and the edge of demographic and intellectual abyss. If anyone was in a dilemma about this, he should now see the light and face the devastating truth that, in BiH one side is against the EU and the NATO, the other side is for the accession to the NATO but only verbally for the EU accession, while the third side has been pouring over us stories about the 'European values' and empty promises charged with unrealistic and fake optimism.

Skopljakovic says it is sad that the activation of MAP and gaining the candidacy status was promised to take place until the end of this year, while in our cruel reality, we are the only country in the history of the European Union that failed to meet the deadline for filling the Questionnaire.

- For anyone with a healthy mind it must be hard to understand that responsible politicians keep failing to fill in a questionnaire with answers which should help the EU understand what they actually think and how they see the present and their strategic vision for the future of their country. Instead of showing a tad more dignity and guilty conscience, they keep serving us fights, conflicts, and announcing blockades. Without any shame, they ask of the EU Commissioner for Enlargement Johannes Hahn to go easy on us and do the job for us that they (the politicians) are highly paid by the voters to do.

Skopljakovic also said that BiH is led by persons without vision or, better say, with three anti-European visions.

- The ones propose to divide the country by seceding one part of the country and annexing it to another state; the others want a third entity, while some want to entrust us to another country out of pure patriotism. They all have a common denominator: to stay in power at any cost even if it means preventing creation of a modern European country, Skopljakovic explains.

He further said that, in a country like that, these corrupted leaders would not have any purpose and would probably end up working in some other institutions.

- The nations and the citizens of BiH will have the opportunity already in October next year to stop these failed politics and incompetent leaders by means of vote, and to open the door to the EU – not for the young and educated people to leave the country – but for import of the highest values and achievements of the human civilization that the European Union has cherished for centuries, Skopljakovic concludes.

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