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Little man Covic – the engineer of Herzeg-Bosnia

Covic marking the anniversary of crime

Dragan Covic is some sort of anti-antifascist. When he showed up at the Haag Tribunal sometime ago at Carmel Agius's, the President of ICTY, it was obvious that he was up to something. After that, he paid visits to Jadranko Prlic, Slobodan Praljak, and other political, military and police leaders of Herzeg-Bosnia. That was one of the tragic episodes from the life of anti-Dragan anti-Covic, in addition to the one when he took men from the concentration camps in Herzegovina for forced labor at 'Soko' factories.

Therefore, Covic violated the international law and then misused his political function to meet with the man who has to take care of his integrity as the president of an international court. Carmel Agius is a superior to a line of the top world lawyers and that, at least, has to be respected. The visit to already indicted war criminals raised the question of Covic's credibility as the member of BH Presidency.

On 28 August 2016, Covic did it again: He marked the anniversary of the crimes of the group of 6 from Cheveningen, who are awaiting confirmation of the punishment for the crimes they had committed. Some people in Croatia hoped that their group would get a 'reward' similar to the one that Seselj got. No one, however, questions the opinion of Prlic and the rest of the group after the non-appealable verdict. That said, president of Court Council in the case of Prlic et al was Jean Claude Antonetti, the 'liberator' of Vojislav Seselj.

However, other judges have strongly opposed this French judge. Antonetti was charged with corruption in the government of French Prime Minister Dominique de Vilpen. Even today at the Tribunal, one can hear stories about French citizens celebrating his departure from the government in media, more specifically from the Ministry of Justice, while pitying the Tribunal for the 'justice' he would be 'distributing' there. Such statements on French media portals are still visible and can be easily verified.

Considering the fact that Covic, after each of his dubious antifascist move, has a habit of taking a public shower, it is understandable that he also tried to justify his visitation to the Tribunal by packing it into 'European waffle'. He talked to Agius, bilaterally, about the progress of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the context of European integration, and then he went to visit those who totally downgraded this country. We don't know if, in the cells of Cheveningen, there were talks about integration of BiH into EU, and if Prlic's informer updated those present about his efforts. Yet Covic was clear about one thing: his hosts can hardly wait to be integrated back into BiH from Europe.

Covic informed Prlic and the rest of the group indicted for criminal acts about the efforts of the Tribunal to leave them in the EU for life. European integration of BiH has started long time ago with the issue of refugees who were running away from Prlic et al to save their lives, while the true integration has started with inhabiting the prison Cheveningen. If Herzeg-Bosnia was founded on crime by criminals, then it is a criminal project.

Dragan Covic first visited founders of Herzeg-Bosnia at the Tribunal, and then he marked the anniversary of their project. The problem is in that, Covic's and Dodik's projects cannot be separated from the crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity.

Some say that Covic and Dodik hope that Europe will not embrace a country where Muslims are majority. Fortunately, Europe isn't a shelter for criminals and criminal projects either, the alternative that is offered today by Milorad Dodik and Dragan Covic in form of the Republika Srpska and Herzeg-Bosnia.

Even Zoran Milanovic's opinion that he recently shared with the Croatian soldiers, was full of doubt that there are any chances Prlic and other Covic's hosts from Cheveningen may see charges being dropped for concentration camps, murders and destroying cities across Herzegovina.

Covic's marking the anniversary of Herzeg-Bosnia, one horrifying creation in the history of Croat people, will have to be treated someday as his approval of crimes. Covic is now hoping that his practical mentor Milorad Dodik will fulfill his goal. Naturally, Dodik could only lose his criminal creation should Covic act towards the RS as the grave of Croat people, which the RS is in its 'deep earth essence'. However, Covic has found a friend in Dodik just like his predecessors found their own: Tudjman – Milosevic, Boban – Karadzic, Prlic – Lukic. None of them, however, succeeded in dividing Bosnia and Herzegovina. Will Covic and Dodik succeed?

Dodik no longer mentions Radovan Karadzic, following the latter getting his 40 years prison sentence for the criminal creation of Republika Srpska and dozens of concentration camps. Covic could make it with his group of 6 should the judges and persecutors in the Tribunal decide to ruin the reputation of this international court, and to destroy their own professional dignity. And all that to oblige Covic and his attempts to reanimate Herzeg-Bosnia?

Covic's latest appeals for Herzeg-Bosnia were joined by Bozo Ljubic, now a delegate in the Assembly: 'Herzeg-Bosnia has never been abandoned or shut down', Ljubic said.

August is the month in which horrifying concentration camps of HVO were shut down and dismantled: Mostar camps, Dretelj, Heliodrom, Gabela, Zepce...


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