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Worried delegates: Peace process in BiH is under threat!

SDA delegate Semsudin Mehmedovic

A group of state delegates concerned about the unfolding situation in and around Bosnia and Herzegovina met earlier today at the Parliamentary Assembly building.

SDA delegate Semsudin Mehmedovic reiterated that 13 state delegates (SDA, DF, BPS, HDZ 1990 and A-SDA) submitted a letter in the beginning of August to the addresses of the high international officials in BiH, requesting them to stop anti Dayton activity of the Republika Srpska, in the context of the announced referendum about Day of RS.

- Delegates from various political parties expressed their worries about the unfolding situation in BiH. We have considered all aspects and options for institutional action in order to overcome the situation. What we can say right now is that the delegates who were elected directly by the citizens, are worried about the new developments in BiH, more specifically about the announced referendum in the RS, weapons rattling from the East and from the West, arming of our neighbors which creates a weapon imbalance. BH citizens continue to pressure us, the delegates, to explain what is going on, Mehmedovic said and added:

- We have concluded that there are institutions that can act promptly and that are obliged to act. Yet, it seems to me that they are not making any move in terms of protection of integrity of BiH as the state and its citizens. That's why we expect the High Representative to draw on his capacities and make certain decisions related to protection of BiH, as well as the Constitutional Court and other institutions which are obliged to protect the Constitution such as the Prosecutor's Office of BiH, Mehmedovic said, adding that a sufficient number of delegates attended the meeting, including those who represent political parties which signed the letter previosuly sent to the Presidency BiH and the Chairman of the Council of Ministers.

Denis Becirovic, SDP delegate in the BH Parliament, said that the Home of Representatives provided a timely reaction to the most serious violation of the Dayton Peace Accords since 1995:

- The participants of the meeting trust that the BH Constitution and its legislation relate to all of us; there are three institutions that have to respond to this situation without the delay, and those are the High Representative in BiH established by the Annex 10 of the Dayton Peace Accord, the Prosecutor's Office and the Constitutional Court of BiH. Having said that, Presidency BiH, the Council of Minister and Parliamentary Assembly also have to remain involved and speak their mind about this, Becirovic emphasized, adding:

- Situation is very serious and threatens to escalate. When I spoke about this 40 days ago at the Parliament, nobody reacted and today everyone is aware of seriousness of the situation and the fact the even the peace process is under threat, Becirovic said.

The meeting will be followed by additional telephone consultations so that tomorrow's session of Home of Representatives could see related initiatives in accordance with the responsibilities and authorization of the delegates.


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